The Headline Is Your Lifeline

Written by David Geer

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Targeting your target market. * Speak directly to your audience, as this isrepparttar market that will purchase from you. * Use specifics. "Tired moms", "time-challenged business owners". Let them know you are talking right to them. Generally, retired people will not be interested inrepparttar 108118 trendiest t-shirts forrepparttar 108119 in-crowd atrepparttar 108120 local high school. Aim for your audience. By boiling your business down to its essential parts, you will be better situated to make sure you are reachingrepparttar 108121 right audience, and grabbing their attention. A buyer needs to feel right away that you are talking directly to them and that you can improve their life in some way, or else they will give you neither their time, nor their dollars.

Onrepparttar 108122 web, you generally have only one opportunity to not only get someone's attention, but to keep it. If you lose them atrepparttar 108123 headline, you have just lost your opportunity to convince them why it is such a great idea to do business with you. Grab their interest. If you don't, it's doubtful they will come back again, and you may have lost a great prospect. Make your headline count.

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Press Releases Can Increase Search Engine Positioning

Written by Karon Thackston

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1. Choose keywords that can be easily included in your release. 2. Incorporate keywords into your headline where possible.

Incorporating Press Releases Into Your Site

Next, you’ll want to develop a page structure that caters torepparttar search engine spiders. Because spiders follow links, you’ll have to open a door from your home page torepparttar 108117 section of your site that housesrepparttar 108118 releases.

First, add a link to your navigation bar that points to a “press release directory.” Onrepparttar 108119 directory page, list each individual release with a one- or two-sentence summary and a link torepparttar 108120 entire content ofrepparttar 108121 release.

Then create a separate page for each release you write. Usingrepparttar 108122 keywords you’ve researched forrepparttar 108123 content, write a title and description tag for each page. Then upload everything to your host’s server. Oncerepparttar 108124 pages are spidered, you’ll find numerous new roads leading fromrepparttar 108125 engines to your site.

With just a little more effort than you would normally give, your press releases can pull “double duty.” Through a push-pull effect, your releases can be pushed toward media outlets for additional exposure, and they can also pull visitors back to your site throughrepparttar 108126 use of search engines. The result? Even afterrepparttar 108127 initial media explosion over your releases takes place, they’ll be working to drive traffic to your site and increase your search engine positioning.

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