Sudan: Submitting the Criminals to The ICC!

Written by Copyright©2005 Khalid Osman

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The question is why Buch Administration afraid of such investigations and discovery to crimes committed by any US citizen inrepparttar Darfurian case?

It's obvious that some ofrepparttar 142495 Darfurian rebels has an American nationalities. But that's notrepparttar 142496 strong case, sincerepparttar 142497 question is, is there any "American finger" in any Darfurian crimes?

This situtaion declares very well that Buch Administration is not after justice and it's not up to its human tasks to protect human rights overseas.

Well, I can see well that duringrepparttar 142498 corridor's talks, news was heard that China will userepparttar 142499 Veto against any resolution to submit those dictators torepparttar 142500 ICC. But China chose to be "neutral" inrepparttar 142501 last vote.

This Chinese attitude indicates that China has been forced byrepparttar 142502 USA to withhold withrepparttar 142503 Veto. But China playedrepparttar 142504 game throughrepparttar 142505 American pressures in a manner that will prevent any lose to its interests inrepparttar 142506 Sudanese Oil Industry.

Aha, Money talks toorepparttar 142507 same way as politics does!

A lot of people in Africa andrepparttar 142508 Middle East now believe that those International powers do not care about human rights. Their cry for human rights is only allegations to hide their economical interests.

Khalid Osman

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Mexicans: Criminal Infestation or a lot of Hype--Part One

Written by Doug Bower

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"... I severely doubt we haverepparttar information you're looking for," Blackman said. "... I have people looking into it now, so I don't know for sure what records are kept or how yet." Again, I exclaim, "Say what?"

Then, what isrepparttar 142494 deal withrepparttar 142495 State Department's warnings andrepparttar 142496 Minuteman supporters' claim ofrepparttar 142497 massive Mexican criminal element?

I cannot explain this. Who could? Perhaps God Himself could explain just howrepparttar 142498 U.S. State Department's bureaucracy works and why they do what they do. Then again, maybe even The Almighty might have trouble doing that!

So, what isrepparttar 142499 truth about Mexican violence against Americans?

According to a report, U.S. Citizen Deaths From Non-Natural Causes, By Foreign Country, there were some interesting revelations:

"In 2003,repparttar 142500 first full year for which homicides figures are recorded, a total of 42 U.S citizens were murdered in Mexico,repparttar 142501 report shows. A total of 18 homicides that year occurred alongrepparttar 142502 U.S.-Mexican border. In 2004, through Dec. 31, a total of 35 U.S. citizens were murdered in Mexico, with 17 of those homicides occurring alongrepparttar 142503 border. That’s right. The murder rate actually dropped between 2003 and 2004", reports Bill Conroy.

I grow weary but can manage to croak it out again, "Say what?"

I encourage a great deal of perspective when a potential expatriate or tourist is evaluatingrepparttar 142504 issue of crime in deciding whether to move to or visit Mexico.

Look at this:

In Mexico in 2003, there were 13 murders per 100,000 people inrepparttar 142505 entire country. Inrepparttar 142506 United States in 2003, that wasrepparttar 142507 same homicide statistic forrepparttar 142508 state of Louisiana![3] These stats come fromrepparttar 142509 FBI Uniform Crime Reports forrepparttar 142510 year 2003.

"Another conclusion that can be drawn fromrepparttar 142511 State Department report, which some inrepparttar 142512 U.S. government might find shocking, is that Mexico appears to be a safer place to be for U.S. citizens than their own homeland. The State Department figures show that a total of 77 U.S. citizens were murdered in Mexico duringrepparttar 142513 two-year period ending Dec. 31, 2004. That’s forrepparttar 142514 whole country.

By comparison, according torepparttar 142515 FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in 2003 alone, 109 people were murdered inrepparttar 142516 mid-sized city of Milwaukee. In Washington, D.C., where State Department officials cook up their policies, a total of 248 people were murdered in 2003,repparttar 142517 FBI report shows. New York City weighed in with 597 murders that year." —Bill Conroy NarcoNews.

So, whyrepparttar 142518 hype? Americans need to learn how to detect "Phony-Boloney" when they hear it. Stay tuned and we will learn how to do that—together.

[1] 'It's a war' alongrepparttar 142519 Mexican border 300 have been killed as drug crime thrives in Mexico 08:23 AM CDT on Friday, June 3, 2005 By TRACEY EATON / The Dallas Morning News

[2] Tracey Eaton in conversation with author.


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