Sudan: Submitting the Criminals to The ICC!

Written by Copyright©2005 Khalid Osman

Everybody concerns about justice inrepparttar World should be delighted becauserepparttar 142495 call to submitrepparttar 142496 criminals in Sudan torepparttar 142497 International Criminal Court(ICC) became a reality last Thrusday inrepparttar 142498 UN's corridors!

The UN Security Council voted 11-0 to refer a sealed list of 51 people accused of crimes against humanity inrepparttar 142499 Sudanese Darfurian region torepparttar 142500 ICC.

The USA, China, Brazil and Algeria abstained afterrepparttar 142501 last minute wrangling led byrepparttar 142502 US to exempt its citizens from submission torepparttar 142503 ICC, some media sources said.

Nowrepparttar 142504 suprise atrepparttar 142505 UN wasrepparttar 142506 abstention ofrepparttar 142507 USA and China.

Each of those two countries has its own attitudes and interests towardsrepparttar 142508 sitution in Sudan. The USA has always beenrepparttar 142509 sole player inrepparttar 142510 International Channels to accuserepparttar 142511 Sudanese Dictatorial Regime of terrorism.

It launched an air-raids against a terorrist location inrepparttar 142512 capital city of Khartoum in 1998, neverthelessrepparttar 142513 air raids missed its targets.

That had happened because ofrepparttar 142514 wrong informationrepparttar 142515 USA received aboutrepparttar 142516 location ofrepparttar 142517 terrorist factory.

Up to this point,repparttar 142518 air raids on Khartoum were not as successful as those attacks led byrepparttar 142519 suspect terrorists againstrepparttar 142520 American Ambassies in Nairobi and Dar-a-Salam.

So, what has happened today to encouragerepparttar 142521 USA to change its attitudes and be "neutral" atrepparttar 142522 Security Council duringrepparttar 142523 last vote?!

Seems thatrepparttar 142524 USA did not wantrepparttar 142525 resolution to be a precedent and to be implemented Internationally so as not to take effects onrepparttar 142526 interantional American policy not in Sudan alone but in Iraq too.

Mexicans: Criminal Infestation or a lot of Hype--Part One

Written by Doug Bower

If you have been following my columns (and if not, why not?), you know I am embarking on a series of articles, prompted by reader's comments onrepparttar "Illegal Alien" issue.

Reader's Comment Two: How could you live in a country that is so dangerous?

At first, I thought this individual was referring torepparttar 142494 United States--I am not being sarcastic. Not until I figured out he was making a commentary onrepparttar 142495 state of criminal affairs inrepparttar 142496 country to which my wife and I had expatriated could I form a cogent reply.

There is violence in Mexico. In addition, and what may surprise some of my critics, is my admission there has been some violence against and kidnappings of some Americans. That is a fact.

I had a reader quote an article by Tracey Eaton, withrepparttar 142497 Dallas Morning News, in hopes, I suppose, of supporting his claim that crime is massively rampant in Mexico. Ms. Eaton does quote some figures and then points out, and quite correctly I might add, thoughrepparttar 142498 dead include

"…university students, assembly-plant workers, farm hands, businessmen, journalists, money couriers, drug gang henchmen and dozens of police officers.[1] They ALL are thought to be linked to organized crime."

I spoke with Ms. Eaton, who agreed with me that Americans need a great deal of perspective when reading articles like this and coming to such emotively blustering conclusions that each time anyone, whether Mexican or an American expat or tourist, walks outrepparttar 142499 front door, it is time to playrepparttar 142500 "let's dodgerepparttar 142501 bullets" game.

She told me,

"I agree with what you wrote. I lived in Mexico City inthe 1980s and again inrepparttar 142502 1990s and I know what you mean about perspective. It's not like you walk out your front door and have to dodge bullets."[2]

The issue is one of perspective. Ms. Eaton agreed.

So how much crime is in Mexico? Isrepparttar 142503 criminal element that exists in Mexico killing masses of innocent Americans daily? Fromrepparttar 142504 hype that has been inrepparttar 142505 Minuteman Project reports and from their supporters, you would certainly think so. Also, fromrepparttar 142506 State Department's unfounded "traveler's warnings", you would think you do have to dodge bullets each time you dare take one step overrepparttar 142507 Mexican-American border.

You would think it must be some humdinger of a statistic to warrantrepparttar 142508 State Department's andrepparttar 142509 Minuteman supporters' frightening warnings.

The truth is, when Narco News reporter, Bill Conroy tried investigating this little statistical wonder, here is what he got:

“We don’t have figures to respond to this question at this time,” said Diana Page, assistant press attaché forrepparttar 142510 U.S. Embassy Mexico. “The consular section is working on helping Americans, so getting statistics together has to wait.”

Say what?

Next, Conroy filedrepparttar 142511 Freedom of Information Act withrepparttar 142512 U.S. State Department. Here wasrepparttar 142513 reply from Greg Blackman, a State Department program analyst:

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