Seven Games Dogs Just Love To Play

Written by Renée Alexandrea

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Play Bowing --– You’ll notice this gesture when your dog is inviting you or his canine friend to play. 4.1—To encourage your dog to play-bowing on command, say ‘Bow!’ when he does. And if he doesn’t gently push his front down and hold up his rear, saying ‘Bow!’ It may be quite difficult to train, but if you catch him doing this act, it’srepparttar best time to start lesson one.

Shaking hands --– Holding out a paw is a natural gesture of submission for dogs. And teaching a dog to shake hands is pretty easy. This is also a good training for grooming time-nail clipping. Tip 5.1—Be onrepparttar 116173 same level with your dog, say ‘Paw!’ as you outstretch you hand. As he raises his paw, gently grasp it and shake. You may want to treat him if he quickly lands his paw onto your palm instead of raising it up.

Jumping --– Most dogs have very nimble bodies, they’re capable to jump at a great height if there’s a reward (food) atrepparttar 116174 higher end. This is something that should be discouraged as it a form of food begging. However there’s a more constructive way to play is using hurdles. Tip 6.1—For a beginner, use rollup wrapping paper asrepparttar 116175 hurdle. Support it with two baby stools at both ends. As your dog gains more accomplishment, increaserepparttar 116176 height. This game is unsuitable for growing puppies as their bones are still very fragile.

Hide-and-Seek --– If dogs have middle name, Sherlock Holmes will be it. Dogs just love to find things, especially you. They can play this game for hours with allies or enemies alike. They also love to be found. Tip 7.1 -- Tell your dog to sit-stay. Then find a great hiding place. Once you’re away from his view, call out his name for him to come to look for you. Increaserepparttar 116177 repetitions of his name if he gets farther away. A treat must be given when he finds you. This game is best played on familiar grounds with limited to no distraction, definitely a no-no in a crowded park.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t need your dog to fetch you those smelling slippers to get you off your couch!

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Renée Alexandrea—a former show-dog handler, an ex-volunteer at animal shelters; but an active dog lover for almost four decades. She lives in Singapore with her five ever-devilish Maltese and with the exception of her two Golden Retrievers in Los Angeles. Get a FREE copy of her 4-part e-book at and/or sign up her e-Newspapers at

How to dry Roses

Written by Candee Stark

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3. For florist wire, you will want to cut off most ofrepparttar stem. Leave about one inch of stem.

4. Push about 3 inches of wire throughrepparttar 116172 stem and right throughrepparttar 116173 flower head.

5. Next, you want to bendrepparttar 116174 end ofrepparttar 116175 wire into a hook over each rose head and pull it down. This helps to keeprepparttar 116176 head secured torepparttar 116177 stem.

6. When choosing to userepparttar 116178 glue, begin by dilutingrepparttar 116179 glue in a dab of water.

7. You will take a toothpick and dab a thin coat ofrepparttar 116180 glue mixture atrepparttar 116181 base of each petal.

8. Next, you will workrepparttar 116182 glue intorepparttar 116183 base ofrepparttar 116184 stems of each flower so that you can attach each petal torepparttar 116185 base, wait tillrepparttar 116186 glue dries completely.

9. Now forrepparttar 116187 sand, slowly and carefully coverrepparttar 116188 flowers with sand in deep open boxes.

10. Makerepparttar 116189 sand inrepparttar 116190 box deep enough to holdrepparttar 116191 flowers upright.

11. Sit each flower inrepparttar 116192 sand filled box and slowly pour sand aroundrepparttar 116193 base, aroundrepparttar 116194 sides, and over and underrepparttar 116195 petals. You should pourrepparttar 116196 sand evenly so that you can preserverepparttar 116197 flowers natural shape.

12. You will want to wait forrepparttar 116198 flowers to dry while facing upright.

13. Putrepparttar 116199 boxes withrepparttar 116200 roses in a dry space that is warm and brightly lit. This will ensure that your roses will maintain their bright color.

14. Let them dry for one to three weeks.

15. If you want more muted colors, you will want to dry them in a more humid area.

16. To removerepparttar 116201 sand, tiprepparttar 116202 drying Container slightly so thatrepparttar 116203 sand can fall offrepparttar 116204 flowers.

17. Remove each flower one by one.

Now you have successfully learned how to dry your roses so that they are ready for you to do whatever you'd like with them. These dried flowers will make great decorations for any room in your house or office, or whatever else you'd like to do.

Candee Stark is a Reading Specialist in a local elementary school and has spent the last two and a half years earning her masters degree. Her new passion is her indoor herb garden. Visit her at Flowers and if you would like to read more gardening and flower articles.

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