Seven Games Dogs Just Love To Play

Written by Renée Alexandrea

Have you ever wonder why some dogs seem to be so happy and playful even up to their twilight years?

The answer is not far from reach. If your dog is given an environment that arouses his curiosity yet not over stimulating, chances you’ll have a very a happy, healthy and emotional stable dog.

I’m not talking about throwing some dog toys for him to self-entertain, and thinking that he’ll be so indebted to you. Onrepparttar contrary, you’re doing injustice to his creativity to play.

One ofrepparttar 116173 best ways to nurture dog’s creativity is to create games around things that dogs just naturally love to do.

Here are seven fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy for hours:

Digging and Burying --- A descend from wolves, most domesticated dogs will still haverepparttar 116174 ancient urge to bury bones, food dishes, or your slippers to show how much they value these things. You can create false earth for hygiene purpose—children sand pit or inflatable children pool filled with sand. Tip 1.1—Show your dog his toy and let him watch you bury it. Then say to him ‘Bury’ as you cover it up. Praise him when he digs it up, and then let him have his turn to bury it. Terriers by nature love to dig, but they’re in no means to bury anything.

Wrestling –-- Since young, puppies have this natural ability to wrestle. They do so as to develop strength and agility, to show affection, to be first in line for food, or simply to let off stream. Every dog has his own personality; some enjoy a good ‘rough’ play while others are too shy to rough it out with you. Just respect their decision. Tip 2.1—Start gradually, with gentle pushes and lunges. Say ‘Wrestle!’ Remember to keeprepparttar 116175 game gentle as you don’t want to exciterepparttar 116176 dog too much. Don’t cut offrepparttar 116177 game abruptly.

Rolling over --– When dogs rollover, exposing their tummies, it’s a part of their declaration of love for you. Your dog is saying “I trust you” and would appreciate a tummy rub. Tip 3.1—To encourage your dog to rollover on command, say ‘Roll’ when he does. Give him a good tummy rub. Keep it short for a start, and when he gets quicker on command, then you give a good tummy rub with aromatherapy oil for his extra effort.

How to dry Roses

Written by Candee Stark

There are many reasons why you might want to dry your roses: Many people want to keep a memento of a special moment, perhaps from a wedding they went to, a special holiday or mayberepparttar flowers were a gift from a mate, a friend, or family member.

Whatever your reasons for doing it, this isrepparttar 116172 section where you will learn to dry your roses properly. There two ways that you can dry your roses that are a cheap and relatively easy.

Air Drying

Air drying is by farrepparttar 116173 easiest and most inexpensive method of drying flowers, including roses. It is easy to do; all you have to do is follow these simple instructions.

Whenever I receive roses as a gift, I dry them to prolong my enjoyment of them. I have used them to create dried arrangements, potpourri, and many times have added them to centerpiece arrangements.


Roses (tend to dry darker than original color)


Hairspray (optional)

Arrange your roses in a vase with water and floral preservative, as you would with a regular arrangement. Allow roses to partially open, remove them fromrepparttar 116174 vase, tie a string aroundrepparttar 116175 bottom ofrepparttar 116176 stems and hangrepparttar 116177 bunch upside down in a dry place (such as an attic or garage).

Depending on humidity levels, it will take about two weeks forrepparttar 116178 roses to completely dry. Test for dryness by gently squeezing a bud and if it is soft torepparttar 116179 touch, you will need to give it more time.

Whenrepparttar 116180 flowers/buds are firm, untie them, spray with hairspray to prevent crumbling, and arrange as desired.

Sand Drying

1. Start by pickingrepparttar 116181 roses that are in perfect condition. They shouldn't have any dew on them andrepparttar 116182 stems should be dry as well.

2. You can reinforcerepparttar 116183 stems and blossom with either white glue or florist wire.

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