Secret Money Making Strategy - Learn How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

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Although that may be true, what would you do if you had an ad that actually earned $2,000. profit every time you ran it? You would run it as often as you could, as long as it continued to make money, right? This is where business owners everywhere are killing themselves. Early on when their business is new they test different methods of advertising, if they are really lucky they get favorable results and will continue to advertise. But in many cases they don't, and they convince themselves that their business is not like other types of businesses, and newspaper advertising really won't work for them, and they never bother to test newspaper advertising again. It doesn't matter whether you advertise in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, or onrepparttar internet,repparttar 101139 difference between your ad making really good money and being a total flop lies in how repparttar 101140 ad is written. What offer are you advertising? Doesrepparttar 101141 prospect understand whatrepparttar 101142 offer is? Didrepparttar 101143 prospect even see your ad? Did you tellrepparttar 101144 prospect exactly how to buy? Each of these elements, plus a number of others determine how well your ad will pull. Many businesses survive for years and years, andrepparttar 101145 owner manages to squeak out a living, but how well would they do if they really and truly put forth a major effort to learn how to really write powerful ads. I can assure yourepparttar 101146 difference would be unbelievable. That'srepparttar 101147 problem. So unbelievable that most business owners just don't believe that it will make even a small difference let alone a major difference. They are so, so wrong! Learn how to write powerful advertisements and you will prosper forrepparttar 101148 rest of your life!

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Why you should never pay "rate-card"

Written by Neil Moran

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You call Sue (now your friend) onrepparttar classified desk. You tell her your tale of woe. She's biting her wrist to stop laughing long enough to talk to you. The conversation might go like this:-

You: "Sue, I had a terrible response to that advert."

Sue: (Sympathetic) "Oh no! Give it a bit more time. Sometimesrepparttar 101138 first advert never does well because you're a new company. People need to seerepparttar 101139 advert a few more times before they're confident enough to buy from you."

You: "You reckon?"

Sue: (Hardly able to control her mirth). "No doubt about it, Also, you went in on a Tuesday, didn't you?"

You: "Yes...."

Sue: "I think you ought to try a Friday. It's closer torepparttar 101140 weekend, and people are more relaxed."

You: (Growing donkey ears). "Do you really think so...?"

Sue: "Definitely. As it happens, we have some space in this Fridays issue. It's a really great position. We normally charge more for a Friday, but since you lost money last time, we'll let you have it for 4700."

So you bookrepparttar 101141 space, and increase your money-back guarantee (or whatever). You've guessedrepparttar 101142 rest. Friday comes and goes andrepparttar 101143 response is aboutrepparttar 101144 same as your last advert. You kiss another three grand bye-byes. But before this, down atrepparttar 101145 classified department:-

Sue: "Here's a riddle for you, John. What company starts with "A" and has just sent me a cheque for 4700?"

John: "You're putting me on!!"

Sue: (Waiving cheque) "Tum tee tum tum!"

John: "You jammy sod!"

Etc. Etc.

Now why would a nice girl like Sue take such enormous pleasure in stitching you up? Does she hate you? Did you kick her cat once, and she's never forgotten? Oh no, nothing so personal. Sue is pleased because:-

She's making a thumping ten percent commission on each advert she sells!!

And ten percent of five grand is 500. Ten percent of 4700 is 470. That makes 970 for two phone calls from you! She's probably quite a nice girl. I'm sure she buys her mother flowers on Mothers' Day. And I also know that she is having an expensive foreign holiday this year, courtesy of ACME publishing!

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