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Written by Jenny Rodriguez

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Getting listed:

Search engine: Google Submission URL:

Search engine: Altavista Submission URL:

Search engine: Hotbot Submission URL:

Search engine: Lycos Submission URL:

Search engine: MSN Submission URL:

Search Engine: Open Directory URL: Submission URL: depends onrepparttar category that you wish to submit your site.

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Jenny Rodriguez, webmaster

Jenny Rodriguez, webmaster

Get Maximum Results With Your Classified Ads

Written by Elizabeth Sinclair

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These types of words in a headline instantly attractrepparttar attention because they are strongly connected to our emotions. I have tested many of those above with astounding success. A person's unconscious mind can *SEE* and *RESPOND* to these keywords passing by fast on a screen or in a newsletter.

Target your classified ad torepparttar 125034 audience interested in your product or service. You will be wasting your time and money if you don't know who your target audience is. There are hundreds, if not thousands of classified ad sites and ezine directories which are categorized by subjects and/or interests. Define your target audience and then submit your classified ad.

How fast do you scan a list of links? Watch close and you'll seerepparttar 125035 same thing happening within yourself. Our minds somehow instantly see what we are most interested in and we'll back up and say " I thought I saw that" and proceed to click on that link! Our inner minds are tuned to instantly spot what we desire most atrepparttar 125036 time.

Using emotional words along with targeted keywords will make your headlines and ads pullrepparttar 125037 maximum response possible!

Elizabeth Sinclair is the author of the new ebook "How To Turn Ordinary Ads Into Money Pulling Magnets". The ebook comes with complete Resale Rights.

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