Search Engine Submissions. Do it yourself.

Written by Jenny Rodriguez

Search Engine Submissions. Do it yourself. By Jenny Rodriguez

Designing and publishing your website it is justrepparttar beginning. Here comesrepparttar 125035 next step, which is promotion. That is right,repparttar 125036 fun part is over, and here comesrepparttar 125037 hard work. You need to start building traffic to your site. How you are going to do that? Big question, right? Don't worry, and keep reading. A good way to attract visitors to readrepparttar 125038 information you have published is by submitting your website to search engines. Search engines arerepparttar 125039 first place most ofrepparttar 125040 new Internet users go to when searching for information. This is very important because new comers are very open torepparttar 125041 Internet and your initial "sales pitch". Before you start submitting to different search engines, let’s make sure that your site is ready for submission to search engines. Remember that you need to do this right allrepparttar 125042 way fromrepparttar 125043 beginning. Before you start promoting your site, checkrepparttar 125044 following information: •It is your site complete?. Having those “under construction” signs it is a traffic-killer, and most search engines will reject sites that are still under constructions. •Check for bad links. Make sure that there is no broken links on your site. •The most important part is to make sure thatrepparttar 125045 TITLE and META tags are included in all your site’s pages. Your TITLE isrepparttar 125046 description of your site, and should be good to also include some keywords. Your META keywords tag contains keywords, which further describerepparttar 125047 site. It is important to includerepparttar 125048 TITLE and META keywords on all your pages, because search engines userepparttar 125049 description and keywords when indexing your site. META tags also contain words that can help visitors to find your site when doing a search. If you don't have META tags,repparttar 125050 search engines will simply chooserepparttar 125051 first couple hundred words on your page and create its own description. This is a good example:

Get Maximum Results With Your Classified Ads

Written by Elizabeth Sinclair

Get Maximum Results With Your Classified Ads by Elizabeth Sinclair

All sales begin with some form of advertising. To build sales, this advertising must be seen or heard by potential buyers, and cause them to react torepparttar advertising in some way. Whether your ad is a success or failure reverts back torepparttar 125034 ad itself. Generally, you want your classified ad to do one ofrepparttar 125035 following:

a) Persuaderepparttar 125036 person reading your classified ad to immediately go to your website withrepparttar 125037 intention of buying your product or service.

b) Persuaderepparttar 125038 person reading your classified ad to write or send for more information about your product or service.

The bottom line in any ad is quite simple: To makerepparttar 125039 reader buyrepparttar 125040 product or service you are selling. Any ad that causesrepparttar 125041 reader to only pause in their thinking, and does not persuaderepparttar 125042 reader to act immediately, is not going to be a successful ad.

The "ad writer" must know exactly what he/she wantsrepparttar 125043 reader to do, and any ad that does not elicitrepparttar 125044 desired action is an absolute waste of time and money.

Respond torepparttar 125045 readers unconsious mind by using strong emotional words in your headlines such as;

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