"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Promotions

Written by Jeff Schuman

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Could I give away pencils or coffee mugs that say Team-Schuman Marketplace on them?


But how would I deliver them to you instantly and would they containrepparttar same perceived value to You asrepparttar 116799 FREEBIES do?

That is what promoting your online business is all about. Having an offer that is so irresistable to your customer and getting it "SEEN" by them!

Overrepparttar 116800 years there have been many GREAT PROMOTIONS! Offers so irresistable that they had to be checked out by you and I! They all contain words so powerful that we could not resistrepparttar 116801 temptation to at least check them out!

Words like FREE, 50% off, offer ends soon, limited time offer, Buy Now Pay Later, No Money Down, No Payment For 1 Full Year, No Interest for 90 days, Secrets Revealed, and many more!

Of course there are hundreds of more powerful words when it comes to GREAT PROMOTIONS! Perhaps you can think of some right now that relate to a product you are selling. Or maybe it is a product you have recently bought. How was it promoted? What caught your attention? Why did you finally buy it? You getrepparttar 116802 idea!

The only thing we haven't really discussed yet isrepparttar 116803 deadline. Why is a deadline important? Because it creates an image that your GREAT PROMOTION won't last forever.

To merepparttar 116804 most powerful word to do that is FREE! Whenever I see or hearrepparttar 116805 word FREE inrepparttar 116806 back of my mind isrepparttar 116807 thought "For How Long?" Nothing lasts forever.

No Great Promotion is going to last forever. We all know that. Even more directly put are phrases like Offer Ends Soon, Only 15 left, This will sell out fast! These powerful key words help to create a sense of urgency with a deadline to your GREAT PROMOTION!

How do you advertise your Great Promotion? That is a whole course in itself. But I like to increase my recognition through Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA)!

The internet really makes that possible throughrepparttar 116808 use of autoresponders.

Here is something you can check out on FREE Autoresponders that really makes automating your promotions easy! http://www.team-schuman.com/getresponse


New, sophisticated autoresponder allows fast, repetitive, personalized and consistent email follow-up. SAVE time and money.

GRAB YOUR FREE VERSION NOW! A email follow-up tool for FREE! Don't wait, go now: http://www.team-schman.com/getresponse

If you are looking to build an online business of your own then all ofrepparttar 116809 FREEBIES so far can be bookmarked and saved to refer back to over and over for years to come!

That'srepparttar 116810 beauty ofrepparttar 116811 internet. You can be promoting for days, weeks and months downrepparttar 116812 road just off of your efforts today.

If you are a person who likes marketing and advertising then you will love internet marketing and network marketing onrepparttar 116813 internet because ofrepparttar 116814 many exciting ways you can promote.

I listed some of my favorites here. If you want to check them out send a blank email here: promotions@aweber.com

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"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Pricing

Written by Jeff Schuman

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The value to whom? The value to your customer. This right here is where most business people get confused! Have you ever heardrepparttar saying:

"You sure are proud of your product!" What isrepparttar 116798 customer saying here? He's not saying your price is to high.

What he is saying is you have not given me enough reasons to "VALUE" this product forrepparttar 116799 price you have it set at. For years I have sold heating and cooling products here in Colorado. For five years I struggled to get my territory to $1 Million Dollars a year in sales volume.

We wererepparttar 116800 highest priced product in town, but could not grow our market share. Then a wonderful thing happened.......

We changed our marketing philosophy and our business doubled and then tripled in 3 years. How! We added more value to our product. We increased repparttar 116801 benefits to our customers.

We DID NOT droprepparttar 116802 price. We just changed our approach to our market. Whenrepparttar 116803 perceived value increased we were able to increase our sales and our PROFITS without dropping our PRICE! This isrepparttar 116804 whole lesson today on pricing. You have to know what your market will bear when it comes to pricing.

Then increaserepparttar 116805 value of your product to your customer and you will be able to sell at that price all day long. How do you increaserepparttar 116806 value of your product?

Here a few simple ways to do it? 1. Make it easy for people to do business with you! 2. Make it easy for people to get your product! 3. Run GREAT PROMOTIONS that make people DESIRE your product! 4. Give great Terms like Buy Now, Pay Later! 5. Offer Freebies! 6. Offer more than your competition. 7. Increaserepparttar 116807 size! 8. Increaserepparttar 116808 content! 9. Offer FREE Delivery! 10. Have a better return policy for unsatisfied customers! 11. Offer referral fees to get hundreds of mini salesman promoting your product! 12. Try it Before you Buy It! 13. Contests! 14. Incentive Trips! 15. Rebates! 16. Offer Great service! 17. Berepparttar 116809 expert on your product! 18. Offer better warranties! 19. Offer better technical support 20. Don't Lie! Tell 'em'repparttar 116810 truth! Whether they want to hear it or not! Etc. Etc. Etc. These are all things I have done overrepparttar 116811 years to beatrepparttar 116812 pants off of my competition WITHOUT dropping my price. If your product is good....Even better if you have a GREAT PRODUCT that you really believe in then you are only limited by your mind.....And what you can come up with to make people want to buy from you. Price is notrepparttar 116813 determining factor.

Jeff Schuman publishes "Team-Schuman Marketplace" Newsletter! Subscribe here and check out their "Work At Home Resource Directory" Everything you need to make money working from the comfort of your home! http://www.Team-Schuman.com

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