Job Interviews -- The Real Reasons Why You Need to Follow Up

Written by Mary Brent

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Apart from that, your phone calls and letters are an opportunity to reaffirm your strengths and even assuage some ofrepparttar interviewer's concerns.

You are likely to be in a position to do this well, because atrepparttar 147771 interview, you learnt something of what they're looking for. You haverepparttar 147772 information to make your follow up more effective.

Some employers want to see who follows. This is often true of jobs in sales. If you don't follow-up, what does it say of your aggression and persistence? Why should they give yourepparttar 147773 job?

Finally, you get a much greater sense of control if you follow-up rather than wait passively for a phone call. A feeling of control is just what you need to help you deal withrepparttar 147774 stress of hunting for a job. And this is true irrespective of whether you getrepparttar 147775 job nor not.

Post-interview follow up is a great way to get better results from your job search. Make sure that effective follow up is part of your job hunt arsenal.

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Don't Forget to Say, "Thank You"

Written by Matthew C. Keegan

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3. Stress that you are looking forward to a follow up meeting. Optional: Tellrepparttar person you are writing to that you will contact them within a certain time to follow up.

You can either type or print your note. If you type, use standard business paper and a matching envelope. If you write, a thank you note card or a generic card are acceptable. Be careful not to get anything too flashy unless your field is flashy {e.g.,repparttar 147639 fashion industry}. Email isn't wrong, but you have no guarantee thatrepparttar 147640 person will receive your note unless you request a return receipt. Approximately eighty percent of all email is spam; why risk having your thank you note lost in a junk mail folder?

In this age of strict competition for plum positions, you cannot afford to not say thank you in writing. Give yourself every edge possible and userepparttar 147641 thank you note as your opportunity to show potential employers why they should hire you.

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