Job Interviews -- The Real Reasons Why You Need to Follow Up

Written by Mary Brent

Effective follow-up after a job interview is often a key reason why someone gets a job, even though there are other equally qualified candidates. Many candidates treat follow up as an optional add-on to their job search. Read on to see why that's just notrepparttar case.

There are several reasons why you should follow up.

Sometimes, out of sight is really out of mind. Your phone call or letter can helprepparttar 147771 interviewer remember you over other candidates.

We like to believe that hiring decisions are made logically and not influenced by extraneous considerations like whether you follow-up. In practice, that's rarelyrepparttar 147772 case, as most executives involved in recruitment will tell you.

Following up will ensure top-of-mind recall. That is sometime enough to give you an edge overrepparttar 147773 competition.

Also consider that while getting a job may be a top priority for you, hiring a new hand might be a very urgent need forrepparttar 147774 employer. Even if it is a priority forrepparttar 147775 organization, it might get lost in allrepparttar 147776 day-to-day firesrepparttar 147777 decision maker has to deal with. A phone call from you might be what it takes to giverepparttar 147778 decision higher priority.

Don't Forget to Say, "Thank You"

Written by Matthew C. Keegan

One ofrepparttar biggest mistake for job seeks is to not follow up an important interview with a thank you note torepparttar 147639 people who interviewed them. Human Resources experts note that as few as 10% of interviewees takerepparttar 147640 time to say, "thank you." Let's take a look as why writing a thank you isrepparttar 147641 right thing to do and list some tips on how to write one.

If you are a candidate for a particular position you need every edge possible to land a job. Writing a thank you note is important because:

1. It reinforces your interest inrepparttar 147642 position.

2. A note shows your professionalism and suggests that you are organized, reliable, and efficient. It also underscores that you know how to deliver a personal touch. If your job is in customer service, companies will seerepparttar 147643 note as especially advantageous.

3. It proves that you understand proper business protocol.

For two candidates of equal strength and competency,repparttar 147644 thank you note may berepparttar 147645 tiebreaker people of hiring authority will use when selectingrepparttar 147646 winning candidate.

Content of Your Thank You Note

Your thank you note should mentionrepparttar 147647 following:

1. Reiterate your interest inrepparttar 147648 position.

2. Reiterate one key point ofrepparttar 147649 interview. For example, if you learned thatrepparttar 147650 company is launching a new product linerepparttar 147651 following year and you will have an important part in its launch, you could state how you will furtherrepparttar 147652 goals ofrepparttar 147653 company in helping to roll outrepparttar 147654 new product line.

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