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any reliable web server that offers free webmail and create an email account specifically forrepparttar purpose of ffa submissions or when doing promotional from any source of which you are not sure using your special free web email account which you have created for this purpose. In that you will not be flooded with spammers via your regular or business email accounts which makes your account spammed free because they will all be directed torepparttar 132747 free web mail email address which you have provided.


How the War Against S^p^a^m is Killing the Internet

Written by Bill Platt

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Withinrepparttar last 30 days, I had two outgoing emails blocked by my own ISP.

The first was being delivered to a client of mine to inform them that I had received their p^ayment. The subject ofrepparttar 132745 email was "P^ayment R^eceived" (a common subject of sp^am messages) !!!

The second email hinged on an article I tried to deliver for another client. The dreaded "sp^am word" was "g^old" !!! We had to changerepparttar 132746 name ofrepparttar 132747 article to getrepparttar 132748 article past my own ISP's filters.


Richard Lowe,repparttar 132749 owner of says, "The Internet is communication. It's as simple as that."

The problem with ISP filtering is thatrepparttar 132750 ISP cannot know what we want to read and what we do not want to read. A single ISP has clients who userepparttar 132751 Internet for business, health, family, research or any of a dozen different purposes.

The person who wants to userepparttar 132752 Internet for family communications usually has no interest in business topics. Andrepparttar 132753 online business person may have no interest in family tree software or health products.

Yet,repparttar 132754 ISP has no choice but to block all kinds of "sp^am words" forrepparttar 132755 full range of communication subjects.

As a result,repparttar 132756 family person may not seerepparttar 132757 information concerning family tree software or other items regarding home life, andrepparttar 132758 business person may not be able to receive information vital torepparttar 132759 operation of their business.


We email junkies tend to subscribe to ezines covering a wide range of personal preferences. Unfortunately, a large number of ezines are being blocked by ISP's because ezines tend to meet at least two ofrepparttar 132760 criteria built into most sp^am filters (#1, #2 and sometimes #5).

Once again,repparttar 132761 fifth basic rule isrepparttar 132762 dangerous one.

Sp^ammers are using more and more common words in their mailings thatrepparttar 132763 ISP's are beginning to block.

I can almost guarantee that if your own ISP was to turn off their sp^am filters for a month, you would get to see forrepparttar 132764 first time a large number of ezines that you subscribed to way back when, but have never seen before.

Sure, you would see a large increase inrepparttar 132765 sp^am coming into your email box, but you would also see all ofrepparttar 132766 mail that you want to receive that you have not been receiving.


If we rely upon our ISP's to dorepparttar 132767 filtering for us, then we are committing ourselves to receive onlyrepparttar 132768 information that our ISP's filters are able to let us receive. It is as simple as that.

It is likerepparttar 132769 news pundits on television say aboutrepparttar 132770 war on terrorism, "We have a choice between freedom and security. The more of one we have,repparttar 132771 less ofrepparttar 132772 other we will have."

We have two choices:

1. We turn backrepparttar 132773 tide of ISP controlled communication and acceptrepparttar 132774 responsibility of setting up our own filters to eliminaterepparttar 132775 garbage in our inbox. 2. Or, we continue to rely upon our ISP's to filterrepparttar 132776 sp^am by adding new words to their "sp^am word" lists, eliminating all personal control from our personal communications.


Our ISP's have been asked for so long to be our "Big Brother" to stemrepparttar 132777 tide of sp^am. ISP's have come torepparttar 132778 point of believing that we are children who need to be protected from repparttar 132779 "morons" who are destroying this incredible communications tool.

To turn back this tide, we must be ready and willing to acceptrepparttar 132780 personal responsibility of controlling our own communications.

First, we must learn to userepparttar 132781 tools included in our email software that permit us to set up our own filters. Once we have repparttar 132782 basic understanding of how to set up our own email filters, we must progress to step two.

In step two, we must contact our ISP and let them know that we want to be responsible for ourselves. Our ISP must understand that we DO NOT want them to run sp^am filters on their email servers. We must declare that we do not them to baby-sit our communications for us. We must emphasize that we want to decide for ourselves what we want to read and what we do not want to read! We must emphasize that we would rather use our delete keys, than to rely upon their filters to not block any of our important communications.

You and I alone will not be able to convince our ISP's to ditchrepparttar 132783 policy of acting as our "Online Big Brother". But, when enough of us have banded together and made our demands for open communications clear, ISP's will have to take notice and turn off their filters for fear of losing their customer base.

If we permit ISP controlled filters to continue to grow unabated,repparttar 132784 filters will eventually eliminaterepparttar 132785 real value of email as a communications tool.

We must take a stand to reverserepparttar 132786 focus ofrepparttar 132787 War Against Sp^am! We must take a stand now to reverserepparttar 132788 tide, or we risk repparttar 132789 very real death of email communication andrepparttar 132790 Internet!

For more information aboutrepparttar 132791 "War Against Sp^am", visitrepparttar 132792 following links:,spam_war_crossfire,Will_Email_Kill_Email

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