How To Find Your Perfect Online Business

Written by Hamad Kadmany

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No one succeeds alone. It takes a team to build a business onrepparttar Internet. And you deserverepparttar 135495 best. Insist on it!

4. Unlimited Potential... And The Truth

A world-class company won't pressure you to perform nor will they limit your upside potential. With allrepparttar 135496 hype online today we often hear claims about making very big bucks in a very short period of time with no effort at all.

Please, don't believe it. It takes effort to succeed. But withrepparttar 135497 right support, succeeding can be not only easier than you might think, but fun as well! You deserve a company that tellsrepparttar 135498 truth, and offers yourepparttar 135499 opportunity to realize your dreams as well.

5. The Right Tools... A Proven Business

The last thing to look for is a proven business model and a business that uses today's tools to succeed. "Proven business model" is just a fancy way to say thatrepparttar 135500 company you consider should have a track record... an impressive track record. You don't want to berepparttar 135501 one they are testing on or hear them say things like "I think this will work!" ;)

The company you choose should also be using today's tools. They should provide you with autoresponders, ad trackers, and more, to make your job of succeeding online as sure as possible.

If you find a company that meetsrepparttar 135502 requirements above, my suggestion is to start by getting their free literature. Read it, and see if it sounds like you. If you are comfortable, takerepparttar 135503 next step and speak with someone by phone or email.

Remember, this is YOUR life. You are a valuable person. In fact, there is only ONE of you! Make surerepparttar 135504 company you choose knows that, and treats you accordingly.

Hamad Kadmany helps real people succeed online with his free newsletter, by answering questions, and by recognizing that you are a unique individual who deserves the best life has to offer.

If you want more from life, more of what you so richly deserve, visit him online at Discover why so many have found their ideal business with Hamad today!

Setting Fees for Your Home Based Business

Written by Wendy McClelland

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6) Are you willing to offer a discount to repeat customers? Will you offer refunds or just exchanges?

7) You need to be VERY clear on all pricing issues before you start your business.

Here's some more basic tips to get you onrepparttar right path when it comes to setting fees:

1) Don't do work for nothing - set up an estimating formula - give each client a cost breakdown and stick to it - if you have to change it getrepparttar 135491 client to approverepparttar 135492 cost overrun BEFORE you go ahead and do more work.

2) Turn down work that isn't worthrepparttar 135493 time to do - this may sound callous - but why sit up until 2 a.m. doing work that is costing you money - yes you're working, but for what?

3) Some jobs will pay off in referrals and business inrepparttar 135494 future - just be sure you're doing work that will pay off later, if you've taken a discounted rate of payment.

4) When it comes to doing work for friends, know in advance what your policy will be. This can be a very difficult situation, so be clear fromrepparttar 135495 start. Many a friendship has been damaged or destroyed over a business misunderstanding! Don’t let yours be one of them. This also holds true for work you may do for non-profit agencies or charities. Decide IN ADVANCE how many hours per month you will "give away" to a good cause. Do NOT allow yourself to go overrepparttar 135496 amount you've set.

There is a lot of good information available about what salaries people in various industries are being paid – take advantage of it to your benefit. Set fees that make you feel appreciated and your work valued. Ensure thatrepparttar 135497 fees let you payrepparttar 135498 bills, cover your expenses, make you feel what you are doing is worthwhile, and make sure you save some for a rainy day and have some fun too!

Wendy McClelland is a motivational speaker and marketing consultant. She has been a nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, and is a Canadian Achiever! Wendy’s first website won numerous awards, including being named as “one of the best business sites on the ‘net” by the N.Y. Times. Wendy’s life mission is to “motivate people to think without boundaries” and it’s also the name of her website! Visit today

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