How To Find Your Perfect Online Business

Written by Hamad Kadmany

Allow me begin by being brutally honest. After all, you want nothing less, right? Here we go...

I do NOT know what business is perfect for you! But I DO know how to empower YOU to find your perfect business, and I'm going to do that in this very article. And I won't even charge you a penny. ;)

Doing business online can be confusing. So many choices. So many sites. And each one knows how to make their business sound likerepparttar right one for you.

So how can you know which one is right for you?

The way you can know is to choose a business that meets these five requirements. If they don't meet all five, they don't deserve a quality person like you. After all, YOU deserverepparttar 135495 best!

So here's what to look for. I respect your time, so I'll keep each point brief.

1. A Wide Variety of Quality Products

If you don't sell quality products you will be doomed to forever chasingrepparttar 135496 first sale from every customer. Without repeat orders, your business will never grow and createrepparttar 135497 time freedom you want and deserve. If you don't offer a wide enough variety, you won't have something to offer every visitor, which is one key to success.

The bottom line? Don't settle for anything less that offeringrepparttar 135498 BEST products, and offering a very wide variety to meet every possible need.

2. A Company That Provides Free Information BEFORE You Begin

This is very important. Any company that deserves an excellent person such as you is one that is willing to invest in your success BEFORE you invest in theirs. A top company will provide you with plenty of information, answer your questions, let you hear from others in their business, and more, to prove they want you on their team.

3. World Class Support

To pick up on our last point, once you do join their team, you deserverepparttar 135499 BEST support possible. Don't settle for less than working with people who are passionate about YOUR success as well as their own.

Setting Fees for Your Home Based Business

Written by Wendy McClelland

Many people assume that since you work from home you should charge less. I disagree - when you consider that most home based business people are supporting families, paying their own benefit package including medical and dental, and have increased liability in terms of insurance and licensing - I think home based businesses should charge close to orrepparttar same as other businesses.

Home based business can offer that's unique is personalized, customized service that may not be available from a larger company. These extra touches are well worth paying for in my opinion.

In figuring out how much to charge for your services you can do a number of things to set fees:

1) Go online to some ofrepparttar 135491 wage comparison sites and see what jobs similar to yours pay a) b) c)

2) Also, online take a look at some ofrepparttar 135492 job sites and see what salaries are being offered to people who would dorepparttar 135493 same type of job as your are going to be doing. Remember though your work isn’t 9 – 5 each day....being self employed often means longer hours and there is no overtime pay.

3) Talk to people you know who work inrepparttar 135494 industry you are entering and see if you can get an idea aboutrepparttar 135495 salary range

4) If what you’re doing is something very unusual and unique ask yourself “what would I pay for this service?” “what can my customers afford to pay”

5) Sometimes your pricing REALLY does depend on whatrepparttar 135496 customer is willing to pay – wealthier clients will pay more for a haircut than someone who makes minimum wage (eg. $500 versus $7.99) This is why you need to ABSOLUTELY clear about who your customer is – and to remember you CANNOT be all things to all people.

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