How To Care For Your Encastic Tiled Floor

Written by Edward Green IICRC inst

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The word encaustic comes fromrepparttar Greek word enkaustiko which literally means "burnt in"repparttar 139106 tiles are still available today for repairs from good stone suppliers such as our

Cleanrepparttar 139107 tiles is a relatively painless task as you can use a mild alkaline detergent and a good stone sealant fromrepparttar 139108 shop to easily look after them.

Marble Master offers a restoration service for Georgian and Edwardian tiled hallways and fire surrounds.

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Three Ways to Add Charm and Style to Your Kitchen

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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3. Hang your trivets onrepparttar wall. Another great way to decorate while saving space and keeping useful kitchen essentials right on hand, is to hang your trivets onrepparttar 138991 wall. A collection of antique trivets makes an especially nice kitchen wall arrangement, but modern ones work really well too. Use solid colors or patterns to matchrepparttar 138992 rest of your kitchen decor, or choose trivets that have pictures on them so your kitchen wall will have pictures on it whenrepparttar 138993 trivets aren't in use.

Other things I like to hang inrepparttar 138994 kitchen for both space saving purposes, decorative accents, and to have on easy hand at all times include: a manual can opener, measuring cups and spoons, serving utensils, and coffee mugs. These items usualy hang under my cabinets because they don't work well onrepparttar 138995 walls.

So there you have it. Use what you already have hidden away inrepparttar 138996 kitchen to create a cozy, warm, inviting and decorative kitchen atmosphere!

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