How To Care For Your Encastic Tiled Floor

Written by Edward Green IICRC inst

If your tiled floor is in an Edwardian property and beautifully coloured you are probably looking at an Encastic tiled floor. Most ofrepparttar encastic tiled floors we restore have had a real beating. Smashed tiles, glue where carpet was probably stuck to it at one stage, old solvent based polishes.

The point is, once restoredrepparttar 139106 floors are superb and an absolute joy to look at. It requires quite a bit of work but they really are worth it. The tiles themselves are clay information withrepparttar 139107 various rich terracotta colours burnt in making them extremely durable. They are made by mixing wax and turpentine and then heat bonded. Even when heavy objects are pulled acrossrepparttar 139108 tiles and deep scratches occurrepparttar 139109 colour will still be there unlike most modern day tiles.

Three Ways to Add Charm and Style to Your Kitchen

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

I like decorating my kitchen with a cozy, warm, inviting, homey feeling to it. Usually I'm fighting for allrepparttar space I can get in my kitchen too. If you'd like to try this style yourself, you need additional space, or if you simply want to create a different look and feel to your current kitchen decorating style: here are a few tips for you to try.

1. Hang your pots and pans onrepparttar 138991 wall. This works whether you have a matching set of pots and pans, or whether it's an eclectic collection gathered overrepparttar 138992 years. Simply put hooks inrepparttar 138993 wall, then hangrepparttar 138994 pots by their handles withrepparttar 138995 bottom facing outwards. This is particularly useful for space saving and organization too. My favorite location to hangrepparttar 138996 pots and pans is onrepparttar 138997 wall right aboverepparttar 138998 stove. If you haverepparttar 138999 room, this putsrepparttar 139000 pots on display nicely while keeping them right on hand for cooking.

2. Hang your potholders and hotpads onrepparttar 139001 wall. If your pans are too heavy to hang safely, or you simply don't want them on display, or you'd like to add other embellishments to your hanging pots arrangement - potholders work quite well as kitchen wall decorations too!

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