Glastonbury Festival History: Losing the Main Stage

Written by Holmes Charnley

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There was just one wee problem. Whilst I had been enjoyingrepparttar fireworks,repparttar 118189 crowd had swollen. From craning my neck upwards to enjoyrepparttar 118190 fireworks forrepparttar 118191 last half hour, upon looking straight ahead again, I couldn't seerepparttar 118192 stage at all. Now, I'm notrepparttar 118193 tallest boy, so, it was a case of standing on tip toes, but to no avail. Nothing. Not a jot. The ruddy stage had disappeared!

The Orb had taken torepparttar 118194 stage, this much was patently obvious, asrepparttar 118195 crowd were roaring their approval, and if I looked up intorepparttar 118196 sky,repparttar 118197 laser show was happening, but, Jesus, I couldn't see a thing. Not to worry, Little Fluffy Clouds was being played and it sounded fantastic, so I didn't care too much. What was important wasrepparttar 118198 music, I kept telling myself.

Seemed odd though, 'cosrepparttar 118199 bloke right in front of me was loving it. I could tell. He was facing me and he had a huge grin plastered all over his face. So was his girlfriend. She was by his side, also facing me, and, like him, was grinning broadly

Well, eventually, all good things must come to an end. The set had been well over an hour long, my calves were aching from allrepparttar 118200 tip toeing, so I was kind of relieved, to be honest.

The Orb finished their set, andrepparttar 118201 crowd gradually began to disperse. I hung around for a bit, just relaxing, enjoyingrepparttar 118202 night air, a bit knackered, but happy.

Finally, I decided it was about time I got back to my tent, whilst I could still remember what it looked like, and that was when it happened. I turned round, to head back, and there, only 20 yards or so away, wasrepparttar 118203 fucking main stage.

I'd got so out of it, so intorepparttar 118204 firework display that I'd forgotten to turn back round after. No wonder that bloke and his girlfriend had been facing me, enjoying The Orb.

They'd been facingrepparttar 118205 stage.

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What's So Real About Reality TV?

Written by David Leonhardt

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In case you think I am down on all reality TV, there are some shows that actually are not that bad.

For example, American Idol,repparttar biggest reality TV show of all. It was worth watching just to see Simon and Paula kiss andrepparttar 118188 new, invigorated half-of-Randy agreeing with Simon on almost everything this year.

For example, Canadian Idol, which 3.5 Canadians are aware of.

For example, Australian Idol, except forrepparttar 118189 Guy guy's hairdo, which IS that bad.

Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge is another reality show I like. He took real overweight people who wanted to change not just their bodies but their outlooks on life.

What did these two shows have in common? Both were competitions. Both involved trying to better oneself. Nobody had to vote each other off and they were all one team. Nobody was encouraged to hate. Nobody was encouraged to cheat. In fact, they supported each other emotionally. Imagine that on a desert island. Why, that would almost be real.

Dr. Phil andrepparttar 118190 Idol machine make sure that everybody walks away a winner. Of course, that's no more real than packing men and women together in tight corners with little clothing and prodding them to cheat on their soon-to-be-exes back home. But it is more tasteful, and perhaps more "educational".

But what is most real about these shows is that their real dreams were fulfilled and their real lives have changed as a result.

I have another name for all these new shows,repparttar 118191 good andrepparttar 118192 bad alike, a name that fits them better than "reality TV". I call them "game shows."

What? That name's been taken? Price Is Right? Truth Or Consequences? Wheel of Fortune?

Hmm. I supposerepparttar 118193 new reality TV shows are almost as new as they are real. If people want reality, I suppose they could just turn off their TV sets. If they want new, they might just have to improvise.

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