Fahrenheit 9/11

Written by Gary R. Hess

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The movie continues to showrepparttar connection betweenrepparttar 125946 Saudi royal family andrepparttar 125947 Bush’s. Where Bush Sr. isrepparttar 125948 only president ever to receive secret CIA information after he stepped down from president and then continued to visitrepparttar 125949 Bin Ladens.

After 9/11 many ofrepparttar 125950 Bin Laden family was still withinrepparttar 125951 USA. Butrepparttar 125952 United States did not bother to question any of them, even though Osama was suspected as mastermindingrepparttar 125953 attack. Insteadrepparttar 125954 family was flown back to Saudi Arabia just two days afterrepparttar 125955 attack (it wasrepparttar 125956 only plane allowed in US air atrepparttar 125957 time). The FBI and CIA did not bother to questionrepparttar 125958 family; they just whisked them away to safety. Isn’t this ironic? Even in a murder investigationrepparttar 125959 first people that are talked to byrepparttar 125960 police arerepparttar 125961 suspects family members. So why not them? Could it be that Mr. Bush helpedrepparttar 125962 family for helping him with money in his time of need?

The movie then goes on to other things that happened during his presidency. Such asrepparttar 125963 Iraq war and social security and taxes. The part aboutrepparttar 125964 Iraq War is very emotional. Children shown bleeding to death or with missing limbs from American bombings. The children did nothing wrong, so why should they have to suffer? The segment also shows interviews with American soldiers in Iraq. It shows their real concerns and real feelings towardsrepparttar 125965 war. Not all soldiers agree with it, but since there is a media censorship inrepparttar 125966 military much can not be said,repparttar 125967 soldiers are only allowed to say good things aboutrepparttar 125968 war and cannot say anything else.

Many have actually stepped down and in fact a group of people rebelled when asked to take supplies to another part of Iraq when their vehicles were not properly equipped.

The movie also shows interviews with Iraqi citizens before and duringrepparttar 125969 war. It showed their true feelings for it and what really happened duringrepparttar 125970 war. Tens of thousands of children are getting hurt and killed in Iraq even today. These children are not getting hurt or killed from other Iraqis, but by American soldiers who shouldn’t be there.

When someone says this movie is just liberal bias and is nothing like how it is. How could it be? The movie is made up of videos where Michael Moore only comments on certain things, it doesn’t dub over what someone says or does. It shows what really happened. This is just another part of conservative censorship and it needs to be put to a stop. Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 and see for yourself.

Gary is a writer for Political Articles

Canada Standing Still on a Downhill Slide

Written by Glenn Brigaldino

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As a social scientist and specialist in international cooperation, Glenn Brigaldino's writing focusses on international affairs. He is a member of Canadian e-book authors and also a contributing writer to the online venture newtopiamagazine.net.

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