Fahrenheit 9/11

Written by Gary R. Hess

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 a few days ago and found many aspects ofrepparttar movie interesting. Some ofrepparttar 125946 ideas discussed withinrepparttar 125947 movie I had heard before. Many from newspapers and others from news radio shows or CNN.

The movie starts out showingrepparttar 125948 2000 Presidential Election. It goes throughrepparttar 125949 Florida debacle and shows video clips of what happened onrepparttar 125950 Senate floor. There were several people who testified on behalf ofrepparttar 125951 people in Florida aboutrepparttar 125952 wrong doings. However since no Senator had signedrepparttar 125953 petition it could not be heard. By all recounts that occurred in Florida Al Gore won. The race wasn’t even close.

The next segment showed George Bush’s limousine driving downrepparttar 125954 middle of Washington doingrepparttar 125955 famous walk torepparttar 125956 White House. Howeverrepparttar 125957 limousine did not stop. It actually kept driving because ofrepparttar 125958 largest protest ever was occurring, people throwing vegetables and eggs at his car every chance they had.

After this, it went throughrepparttar 125959 part of George Bush going on vacation... For those of you who do not know George Bush has spent more time away fromrepparttar 125960 White House than any other President has. Not by visiting other countries or taking new conferences (which he has donerepparttar 125961 least by any president in history) but by visiting his ranch in Texas.

The film then goes onto September 11th. It explains what happened that day by showing a series of videos. It shows where Bush was atrepparttar 125962 time and actually shows exactly what he did as well. Whilerepparttar 125963 video showing Bush sitting in a classroom full of children whilerepparttar 125964 second plane hitrepparttar 125965 World Trade Center a series of other videos show, it introducesrepparttar 125966 Bin Laden family.

The Bin Laden family knew George Bush Jr. and George Bush Sr. way before either became president. The Bin Laden family had money put into Mr. Bush, several million dollars in fact. Since George Bush Sr. would not help Bush create his own business he instead got help fromrepparttar 125967 Bin Ladens. Around eight businesses were bought for Mr. Bush, but only one succeeded. The one then was sold to another company where Bush was left on as CEO.

The clip then goes back to George Bush sitting in a classroom eight minutes after he was told aboutrepparttar 125968 tragedy that happened in New York. He did nothing but sit there in front ofrepparttar 125969 children and read to them. Some might think this was a good thing where he could comfortrepparttar 125970 children, however they did not know and couldn’t conjure what had happened. Also Bush did not addressrepparttar 125971 American citizens during this time whererepparttar 125972 American people needed to hear from their Commander and Chief.

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