Escape The Stress!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

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5. Laugh more! Get serious an about humor. Laughter is seriously healing. The special chemicals released when we laugh are nature’s finest form of natural medicine. When you’ve suffered a stressful day, make sure you ‘suffer’ some serious humor inrepparttar evening. Watch a comedy show or film, one you know will produce copious laughter, to counterrepparttar 138929 stress you’ve endured.

6. Treat yourself to a catnap and don’t feel guilty. When your body is pleading for rest, “40 winks” works wonders but only if you don’t feel guilty about this.

7. Get out inrepparttar 138930 fresh air! Drab office,repparttar 138931 whir of computer hard drivesrepparttar 138932 drone of your boss’s demands. Get outside during your lunch break, find a patch of green, some flowers, even wander around a garden center! Lose yourself in nature and feel your tensions dissipate, for a while at least.

8. Live inrepparttar 138933 now. The past is gone, you can’t change it. The future is mysterious and seductive, but only with you in your dreams. What you need is with you NOW so makerepparttar 138934 most of it. Be creative and give everything you’ve got to NOW.

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How To Become a Mortgage Broker

Written by David A. Wells

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You have to understand loan processing.

Processing a loan is an exercise in navigating a bureaucracy. It takes patience and a different mindset than you need when you deal with your clients. Put inrepparttar effort to makerepparttar 138883 personal relationships with decision makers at your favorite will pay off in concrete, financially measurable, ways.

The best way to establish yourself as a professional is thorough expert knowledge. Studyrepparttar 138884 loan process from front to back and really learnrepparttar 138885 in's and out's of funding a loan. It will give you insight and perspective onrepparttar 138886 business that will enable you to offer better service, faster closings and a smoother process to your clients.

You have to use effective marketing.

Without effective marketing you won't have any prospects to sell to. It'srepparttar 138887 marketing that brings in prospects. Your mortgage business, indeed...all businesses, depend on it for their very survival.

But marketing can do much more for you than help you survive. If done carefully, methodically and scientifically, marketing can propel your mortgage business to levels of financial success you never dared imagine.

Effective marketing can build a mortgage business into a cash cow...sales and loan processing can't. The greatest success inrepparttar 138888 mortgage business can be hadrepparttar 138889 quickest by masteringrepparttar 138890 art and science of mortgage marketing.

This is a great industry. It offers allrepparttar 138891 opportunity you could ever want. True wealth awaits those who apply proven methods to their mortgage business.


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