Enormous jewelry for dance value in Belly Dance costume.

Written by Slava Diamy

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Jewelry on foot, a performer of belly dance wears, should be resistant to stress. So keep it tied hard.

Headwear decoration is usually consists of veil, decorative rhomb-shaped shiny things. Don’t forget to have some fancy tribal-style earrings, that’s one of important elements. Actually, all jewelry is very important to belly dance costume. Oriental dances are famous for costumes and it’s shiny jewelry things. When you wear a mind-blowing amount of coins on yourself even if they are just copper – you can feel like a goddess wearing all gold on earth which a sultan (husband) brought in her life to give her happiness.

Many people think that belly dance includes only belly, however a whole body and mind is involved. It teaches you not only to value your body, but also it helps your mind. In order to achieve mind-effect of belly dance you must feel as beautiful as you can be. A word “feel” is emphasized here. It doesn’t matter really must how you look – it’s how you feel yourself in dance. You should make all possible to feel at best must it include a great costume, a great stylish jewelry on it andrepparttar best moves you can do!

Belly Dancing is a phenomenal opportunity to keep interest in life and to expand your horizons – give it a try – why lose a chance to feel jewelry all over you instead of modern “not-too-much” jewelry. Feelrepparttar 149928 beat ofrepparttar 149929 past times.

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Wedding Gift Dos and Don'ts

Written by Sher Matsen

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First, it’s okay forrepparttar wedding couple to ask for cash only. The correct way is to include a little note inrepparttar 149918 invitation that reads something like. Because we are saving for [insert item] we would appreciate cash donations in lieu of gifts. Thanks so much! It’s simple and torepparttar 149919 point and these days people understand. For many it’s much easier than trying to figure out what you need.

If you are blending two households that are financially set, and you don’t want any gifts or cash, then make a note of this on your invitation. Some people will feel uncomfortable with not providing a gift. So you could include a note that reads. We would like to decline any gifts. If you would like to give, please donate to our favorite charity [insert here]. Many thanks! Or, you can indicate they can donate to their favorite charity.

If you are going to be accepting gifts, then do your guests a favor and have several wedding gift registries set up at various stores. This will alleviate a lot of stress for your guests and insure you receive items you really need or want.

My daughter’s wedding is coming up shortly. Her and her fiancée are planning to take a 6 month backpacking trip into South America, right afterrepparttar 149920 wedding. So their gift registry is made up ofrepparttar 149921 camping supplies they will need. Be creative! Fine tune your gift registry to what “you” want and need. It will please your guests to know they are spending their hard earned money on something you will actually use.

These days, anything goes. The only big tip about wedding gift etiquette is to be polite in your requests. You’ll feel better and so will your guests!

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