Enormous jewelry for dance value in Belly Dance costume.

Written by Slava Diamy

Belly Dance is one ofrepparttar remarkable ancient forms of dancing and also it is a first class way to stay in shape for all ages. It is performed by both men and women, mostly with a great deal of improvisation. It is built from some pre-defined movements although.

Belly Dancers always wear jewelry. You don’t have to worry about your partner being scratched by dance partner. Usually dancing jewelry (rings, bracelets, belts and even earrings) should be checked for sharp sides to avoid dance wounds. This is not necessary for bellydance performance.

"Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles." (Sonja Henie) This is so true for bellydancing jewelry. Many famous bellydancers are over 40 and yet their dance is amazing masterpiece, and everybody holds their breath as they watch it!

Belly Dance costume making is usually time-consuming, but fun to do with some imagination applied to it. Typically it consists of a decorated bra, belt, two armbands, headband and a dance skirt. Also you can wear choli under it. A choli is a short-sleeved blouse that ends without covering your belly.

Making Belly Dance costume can be started with a bra. Just buy any kind of bra and some repetitive decorations, like coins or triangles. It can be copper, silver, gold or any other metal. If you look around – there are places to buy decorative coins, which are easy to attach to bra with a few moves of needle. And of course you can buy all this clothing embellished with decorations already.

Usually you should buy a belt base, because it contains some jewelry and attachment spots. A belly dance skirt contains a whole lot of jewelry decorations – coins, chains.

Wedding Gift Dos and Don'ts

Written by Sher Matsen

When it comes to weddings, bothrepparttar bride & groom, andrepparttar 149918 guests worry about wedding gift etiquette. These do’s and don’ts will keep you onrepparttar 149919 right gift giving track!

I bet your wondering whererepparttar 149920 idea of wedding gifts originated? You’ll have to travel back torepparttar 149921 time when men no longer bartered for their wives. Withrepparttar 149922 tradition of choosing your bride, also camerepparttar 149923 tradition of friends and family bearing gifts. In those days articles were functional and useful additions torepparttar 149924 couple’s house, making their lives easier.

The Grecians were into presenting lush and lavish gifts. It was a big competition to see who could presentrepparttar 149925 most lavish gift. Brides and grooms were presented with precious jewelry, gold vases, magnificent clothing or furniture.

These days’ things have really changed. Wedding gift etiquette ofrepparttar 149926 past, simply does not work today. For couples who have been married before they already have allrepparttar 149927 household toys, so what is one to buy? Even if a couple has not been married before, most have run their own households so they still have everything they need. Many couples request no gifts. Some will ask for cash gifts, so they can putrepparttar 149928 funds towards a vacation, a house, or bigger ticket item. Is this okay? How big of wedding gift should one buy? It seems no matter what a person buys, they feel they’ve not spent enough, or boughtrepparttar 149929 wrong type of gift. Relax!! And go withrepparttar 149930 modern day flow!

The best thingrepparttar 149931 bride and groom can do for their guests, it to let them know what you are looking for. Funny, brides and grooms feel bad playingrepparttar 149932 “what they need” card, and guests are too uncomfortable to brocherepparttar 149933 subject for fear of offendingrepparttar 149934 bride and groom.

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