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Written by Michael Oliphant

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I think at this stage there are a few firm conclusions to be drawn from this experience. The first one is related to our particular market space - singing lessons. This may apply to you if you are inrepparttar leisure and lifestyle market. Our customers, and probably yours, take a considerable time to makerepparttar 150567 decision to buy. Although we have been well established now for over 3 years, inrepparttar 150568 early days, it was hard to get a clear understanding of what our customers' buying habits and expectations were. Our podcast gives them an opportunity to consider what we have to offer in a way which is non pressuring. The real value of doing a regular podcast is that people can download it and listen to it when it suits them, when they have time and can give it some proper attention. This means that your message can be a building one. It can impart useful information, entertain, teach and build brand awareness all atrepparttar 150569 same time. If you create a podcast be patient. Don't try to impart your sales message by doing a half hour infomercial. You have to trust inrepparttar 150570 basics of relationship building. Give something of value for free to someone andrepparttar 150571 chances are very high that they will come back for more. All you have to do is tell them briefly in simple terms what your product is and how they can get it and then move on.

When people think about taking singing lessons it is a test of their self confidence and sometimes they make quite a few forays before they decide to get started. For those people it a lifestyle decision as much as anything else. They are often looking to fulfill a dream, to improve themselves and impress others. Above all be yourself when you podcast. If you do it right your listeners will identify with you and what you have to say. They will feel they are getting to know you and trust in what you say. This isrepparttar 150572 best path to a sale and alsorepparttar 150573 most honest one. Insincerity has a tone all of it's own and is easily spotted. If you would like to check out The Explore Your Voice Show Podcast it may give you a good idea of how to start your own.

Michael Oliphant is a musician, producer and web developer. He co-hosts The Explore Your Voice Show Podcast with Kate Slaney and Roger McLachlan.

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More Marketing Dope

Written by Joy Gendusa

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Think about whatrepparttar benefit of your product or service is and focus on that. If you are a computer maintenance company your product may be "server management and database maintenance" but you will be better off saying that you can help "increase office productivity by allowing easier access to client files". Many times your customers donít understand your business. That is why they have to hire you. Make sure to explain to them not only what you do, but how it can help them.

When a customer gives you their email address you have one more way to get your message to them.

One ofrepparttar 150480 best ways to supplement Direct Mail Marketing is Direct Email Marketing. However, unlike direct mail marketing, unsolicited email marketing is illegal. You canít just go out and buy a list of email addresses and start sending to them. There is one way to purchase lists for emailing called "opt in" lists but this method is not recommended becauserepparttar 150481 rate of people onrepparttar 150482 list that actually "opt in" to receiving your promo is very low. This is why you should always collect customersí email addresses as you are getting their physical addresses.

Also be sure not to slam your customers with too much email promotion. I recommend not sending more than one email per week to each client. Not only will this keep you from angering your customers, it will also keep uprepparttar 150483 interest level and keep your emails from getting deleted before they are even opened.

If your company is planning on emailing specials or a Monthly Email Newsletter you will need to have this list for them to be effective. If you are not planning on contacting customers and prospects via email, you should be!

Joy Gendusa founded PostcardMania in 1998, her only assets a computer and a phone. By 2004 the company did $9 million in sales and employed over 60 people. She attributes her explosive growth to her ability to choose incredible staff and her innate marketing savvy. Visit

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