Anatomy of a Podcast - The Explore Your Voice Show

Written by Michael Oliphant

Anatomy of a Podcast - The Explore Your Voice Show

If you have not heard about podcasting yet then it's time to throw away all those useless SEO ebooks and make a start .Of allrepparttar techniques I have used to build traffic and customers to my sites this one is by farrepparttar 150567 best. By a mile. Podcasting ( a term coined by Adam Curry) isrepparttar 150568 business of attaching an audio file, usually an mp3, to an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a simple XML file that listsrepparttar 150569 content on a site. That content might be articles or news items or perhaps a chat show. It is invaluable in promoting your content if you have a website and equally useful for finding content when you are surfing. If you would like to find out aboutrepparttar 150570 technical issues of how you make a podcast there are hundreds of articles out there that can tell you how to do it. This article is about my experiences with creating a marketing tool that works.

I started a podcast in April with my colleges called The Explore Your Voice Show. We were new torepparttar 150571 idea and were rather unsure as to how effective it might be. Our company Explore Your Voice provides a unique singing course that streams straight to your pc which is also available on CD.

The idea was to create a regular show that was about 30 minutes in length containing as much free advice on singing, performing and making music as we could fit in. The concept is strong from a marketing standpoint. You build relationships with your listeners over a period of time by establishing credibility through imparting something of value. Then they convert to buying customers as their confidence in your proposition grows. This needs to be done gradually without a lot of hard sell.

When we launched our first show it was a somewhat nervous affair. We were feeling our way and looking for a formula that would work. The first thing we discovered was thatrepparttar 150572 best sort of info podcast is one that is not scripted. It needs to have a certain informal feel to it, like a conversation between close friends. Sorepparttar 150573 three of us would get together once a week inrepparttar 150574 evening and talk about what we wanted to discuss. Then we would fire uprepparttar 150575 computer and record a half hour show stopping maybe once or twice to gather our thoughts before pressing on. Then we put some music as an intro and outro, mixed it to an mp3 file and uploaded it to our site. The last step was to updaterepparttar 150576 RSS feed withrepparttar 150577 new episode.

It was all a bit disappointing initially. After we had done 3 or 4 showsrepparttar 150578 downloads were very quiet, around 500 forrepparttar 150579 month. I had listed it in as many newsfeed and podcasting directories as I could find onrepparttar 150580 net but it took a few weeks before many of those listings showed up. That was not something I had allowed for. Then suddenly it all happened. Atrepparttar 150581 3 month stage we were looking at downloads pastrepparttar 150582 6000 per month mark and growing at an impressive rate. We started to receive a substantial amount of email feedback and plenty of kind remarks about our content. Sales of our singing lessons on CD and online have increased substantially and overall traffic torepparttar 150583 site is also up.

More Marketing Dope

Written by Joy Gendusa

Direct marketing can make you very successful, but youíve got to understandrepparttar basics. Here are some more gems ofrepparttar 150480 industry that can take you from being a diamond inrepparttar 150481 rough torepparttar 150482 luminous bling-bling.

When advertising your product or service, honesty is not onlyrepparttar 150483 legal and ethical path, but alsorepparttar 150484 path torepparttar 150485 highest amount of repeat business.

Many times companies fall intorepparttar 150486 trap of trying to "lure" customers in to their store. They make claims that are technically true but are worded in a way that make them sound better than they actually are. The company may not be consciously trying to deceive their customer, but nonerepparttar 150487 less if exactly what is advertised is not deliveredrepparttar 150488 customer will feel deceived. This customer is not likely to do business with this company no matter what their advertising offers inrepparttar 150489 future. Listrepparttar 150490 benefits of your product factually and deliver what is promised and your customers will keep coming back.

When advertising, it is best to outlinerepparttar 150491 benefits of your product or service. Simply namingrepparttar 150492 features that it has may not show what it can actually do for your customer.

Example: A car company releases a new model of car that features "new indestructible porcelain brakes". This fact is touted in all of their commercials butrepparttar 150493 cars arenít flying offrepparttar 150494 lot. It is very likely thatrepparttar 150495 customers in their target market, mostly families that are concerned about safety, have no idea what difference these brakes make inrepparttar 150496 performance ofrepparttar 150497 vehicle. If they had instead advertisedrepparttar 150498 benefit thatrepparttar 150499 car is "equipped with brakes that can stop your car three times faster" it would have givenrepparttar 150500 customer a compelling reason to be interested.

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