Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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He almost certainly helped arrange for Pythagoras to take his studies or visit Zoroaster, and spend much time learningrepparttar few secrets he unlocked atrepparttar 137074 Great Pyramid. Those secrets includerepparttar 137075 healing attributed torepparttar 137076 Therapeutae that modern Dead Sea Scrolls and other research indicates was taught at Qumran. I believe Commariusrepparttar 137077 tutor of Cleopatra may also have taught Jesus some of this art along with Simon Magus and other Gaedhils who had a long tradition of studies sincerepparttar 137078 time of Isis in Egypt. Abaris is translated as ĎRabbií amongstrepparttar 137079 people who developedrepparttar 137080 sacerdotal code called Hebrew.

I have dealt with these healing and other arts inrepparttar 137081 other volumes, but I would also suggest it is possible Abaris was in charge ofrepparttar 137082 whole Keltoi education system. I suggest this because he arrived to meet Pythagoras onrepparttar 137083 recorded instance, when Pythagoras had already done much of his work. That would make Abaris a truly amazing character becauserepparttar 137084 Keltoi were still a major influence inrepparttar 137085 whole world and had what we might call universities or Ashrams throughout it. Hecateus was born in a position to take a prominent priesthood ofrepparttar 137086 Basilidae. He turnedrepparttar 137087 honor over to someone who needed it but his knowledge seems very Druidic as well. I continue to researchrepparttar 137088 Basilian Fatherís origins and suspect they (likerepparttar 137089 Nestorians) are part ofrepparttar 137090 Judaeo/ Christian/Islamic elite working together to keeprepparttar 137091 majority in a state they are able to use to their own benefit. Who needs states or nations when you have corporate entities that work behindrepparttar 137092 scenes as well as religions?

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Kings of the Earth: Wolfowitz and Joey the Clown

Written by Roger Wright

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Salvatore had a family too. He understood. He understood loyalty just like he understood thatrepparttar Grand Avenue Social Club didnít necessarily have to be located on Grand Avenue.

Wolfowitz hitsrepparttar 137038 button again. Harder this time. More annoyed at that damn country song. Some kind of hillbilly thing keeps wafting up through his window. Wolfowitz and Joeyrepparttar 137039 Clown hear:

When I was just a baby. My Mama told me son Always be a good boy Donít ever play with guns But I shot a man in Reno Just to watch him die, When I hear that whistle blowingí I hang my head and cry.

Wolfowitz decides to cleanrepparttar 137040 mess up himself. Reaches down to scoop up a handful of desk drawer junk and cuts himself onrepparttar 137041 business end of a staple remover atrepparttar 137042 exact same moment that Joeyrepparttar 137043 Clown draws blood onrepparttar 137044 concrete reaching for his coffee. Both men bringrepparttar 137045 middle fingers of their right hand up to their faces. Two middle fingers raised proudly atrepparttar 137046 world. Tiny pricks of blood atrepparttar 137047 tip of each. From behind those two fingers, one inrepparttar 137048 carpeted office ofrepparttar 137049 World Bank in Chicago, one on a stoop onrepparttar 137050 west side of Chicago; Johnny Cash sings:

I bet thereís rich folks eatin In a fancy dining car Theyíre probably drinkin coffee And smoking big cigars, But I know I had it comin, I know I canít be free, But those people keep a moving And thatís what tortures me.

Wolfowitz and Joeyrepparttar 137051 Clown both think. ďAh, no big deal.Ē Joey wipesrepparttar 137052 blood on his pants. Wolfowitz takes out an embroidered handkerchief, then throws it inrepparttar 137053 leather trash basket when heís done.

Wolfowitz has a busy day. Calendar is jammed. Somebody wants to get in to see him? They got to wait at least a month. Unless itís Mr. Rove or Don or one ofrepparttar 137054 boys. Joey? He might play some cards later on. Not so busy. Busy hiding in plain sight maybe. Wolfowitz knows he canít be holding meetings in this place with some damn country rock and roll song coming in throughrepparttar 137055 window. Wolfowitz gets up to shut his window atrepparttar 137056 exact same time Joey finishes thumbing thru his Sun Times looking for stories about himself. Joey now up on his feet too. He goes inside just as Wolfowitz shuts tight his window.

And what do you know? Both men now shut up inside. And they can STILL hear Johnny Cash sing:

Well if they freed me from this prison If this railroad car was mine Iíd guess Iíd move out over Farther downrepparttar 137057 line Far from Folsom Prison Thatís where I want to stay, And Iíd let that lonesome whistle Blow my blues away.

Blow my blues away.

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