Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ABARIS THE DRUID: - Various reports and fragments thereof, in what little was written and remains of ancient Greek times, tell us aboutrepparttar last Dean of Studies forrepparttar 137074 Bardic Tradition. He visited Athens to teach Pythagoras. Hecateus of Miletus and others tell us he appeared in loincloth with animal skins and was an expert marksman withrepparttar 137075 bow and other hunting gear. Perhaps to their amazement he also was fluent in allrepparttar 137076 languages ofrepparttar 137077 Mediterranean; and his knowledge was impressive while his manner beguiled allrepparttar 137078 elite who sought to meet him. They say he wasrepparttar 137079 teacher of Pythagoras but I think that is notrepparttar 137080 case really.

Pythagoras’ studies were a very long period of years and took him to many places. Each of these places had a special something for him and I believe each of them were part ofrepparttar 137081 system of studies that were inrepparttar 137082 twilight of their tenure. Like Orpheus before him (some credit a few ofrepparttar 137083 extant poems of Orpheus to Pythagoras who wrote little to nothing due torepparttar 137084 third law ofrepparttar 137085 Magi which was necessitated by political abuse of power inrepparttar 137086 hands ofrepparttar 137087 uninitiated)repparttar 137088 acknowledged great sage whose parents included at least one Phoenician; Pythagoras had become a Bard or Baird.

I believe Abaris was fromrepparttar 137089 region of Thrace or modern day Yugoslavia andrepparttar 137090 Thracian who Pythagoras left a lot to in his will, who is termed a slave, was actually an adept committed to teaching a great student much of what remained inrepparttar 137091 ancient knowledge ofrepparttar 137092 Keltoi whomrepparttar 137093 Greeks called ‘Ogygia’ which means ‘ancient ones’. It is possible that this Thracian who it is said worked with him in his bi-location skills and events was a ‘kapnobatai’ adept. Milman Parry of Harvard went to this region inrepparttar 137094 1930s and foundrepparttar 137095 legendary bards were still very aware of structure and memory skills that spoke to a great knowledge in ancient times. Was Abaris a ‘kapnobatai’ or ‘peryllat’ (alchemist)? I do not know.

Kings of the Earth: Wolfowitz and Joey the Clown

Written by Roger Wright

Kings ofrepparttar Earth Connecting Wolfowitz and Joeyrepparttar 137038 Clown---thru Johnny Cash

The kings of this earth shall lord it over their subjects But it shall not be so among you For I am among you as one who serves

Luke 22

I hear that train a comin It’s rollin roundrepparttar 137039 bend

Johnny Cash

Paul “The Warmonger” Wolfowitz sat down behind his polished mahogany desk on his first day at work atrepparttar 137040 World Bank just as Joey “The Clown Lombardo” sat his old creaking bones down onrepparttar 137041 front stoop ofrepparttar 137042 house in Chicago onrepparttar 137043 west side near Grand and May.

Wolfowitz settles in torepparttar 137044 deep shinny leather chair, yanks his top right hand drawer clean out ofrepparttar 137045 desk, and on torepparttar 137046 floor. Taped torepparttar 137047 back ofrepparttar 137048 drawer is a yellowed dusty envelope sealed shut. A song drifts up fromrepparttar 137049 Washington DC street below and into his open 3rd floor window.

Wolfowitz is annoyed. It’s supposed to be quiet here.

Joey The Clown---right there in plain sight-- feelsrepparttar 137050 scratchy concrete ofrepparttar 137051 front stoop, picks uprepparttar 137052 cup of good strong coffee he brought out here to enjoyrepparttar 137053 nice spring morning in Chicago, hearsrepparttar 137054 same song coming from inside a small house acrossrepparttar 137055 street fromrepparttar 137056 windowless “social club” where he sits and watches. Joey shrugs. He’s not looking for quiet here. Wolfowitz and Joey hear Johnny Cash. Rich voice deep asrepparttar 137057 dirt, hard and knowing asrepparttar 137058 scratchy concrete:

“I hear that train a comin’ It’s rollin roundrepparttar 137059 bend And I ain’t seenrepparttar 137060 sunshine Since, I don’t know when.

Wolfowitz looks down atrepparttar 137061 mess of paper clips and pens on his floor. Wonders who it is that cleans that up. Picks up a comb he had thrown in there earlier when they were doing a photo shoot and stuffs it in his suit coat. Joeyrepparttar 137062 Clown looks down as a piece of yesterday’s newspaper gets taken byrepparttar 137063 wind, dancing inrepparttar 137064 dust on down towards Grand Avenue inrepparttar 137065 spring time light, Wolfowitz looks atrepparttar 137066 floor again andrepparttar 137067 old yellow envelope registers. He reaches down and tears it off. Opens it up and it’s a one word letter on World Bank Stationary signed by Robert McNamara—Viet Nam’s Wolfowitz. Scrawled out inrepparttar 137068 middle ofrepparttar 137069 page, in crab like handwriting: McNamara had just writtenrepparttar 137070 word “SORRY” and signed it ROBERT MCNAMARA. Another piece of newspaper caught byrepparttar 137071 wind blows over Joeyrepparttar 137072 Clown’s toes and he catchesrepparttar 137073 headline HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CLOWN???

Johnny Cash continues:

I’m stuck in Folsom Prison And time keeps draggin on But that train keeps on a rollin On down to San Antone.

Wolfowitz pokes a button onrepparttar 137074 digital console on his desk, not really sure what it does, but thinking maybe it will get him to whoever it is that twill clean uprepparttar 137075 mess on his floor. He thinks about McNamara. Man did NOT have my intellectual firepower. And he just did not understand evil like I do. Couldn’t seerepparttar 137076 big picture. Couldn’t really see evil at workrepparttar 137077 way I can. No WONDER he made such a mess of Viet Nam. And what in hell’s fiery blazes couldrepparttar 137078 powers that be have been THINKING when they put him in charge ofrepparttar 137079 World Bank!

Joeyrepparttar 137080 Clown looks out atrepparttar 137081 quiet street and thinks about how espresso gets him so jittery now. Man hits 75 . . . .newspapers say he’s younger. . .but Joeyrepparttar 137082 Clown laughs to himself. . . .what do they know about this that orrepparttar 137083 other---all he knows is that he can’t drinkrepparttar 137084 espresso like he used to. And so he wonders about what will Salvatore be bringing him now? Salvatore always took care of bringing cases ofrepparttar 137085 stuff to Joey. A regular thing. Like clock work. Every Monday afternoon,repparttar 137086 truck would pull up, Salvatore always with a joke and a case or two to make sure Joey andrepparttar 137087 boys hadrepparttar 137088 espresso. Because you HAD to make sure that loyalty wasn’t something you just TALKED about. Loyalty was that truck pulling up in front ofrepparttar 137089 Grand Avenue Social Club every Monday with a case or two ofrepparttar 137090 stuff falling off. And ifrepparttar 137091 boys could help Salvatore?

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