A Thing of The Past or The Wave of The Future?

Written by Denise Hall

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There are plenty of businesses that can be operated from home using little more than a computer andrepparttar Internet. Whilerepparttar 116956 craft business used to requirerepparttar 116957 "personal" approach, it can now become less so.

Crafters who can no longer afford to travel to sell their products, can sell via a website instead. More people are shopping online than ever before. Now they don't have to wait to attendrepparttar 116958 local craft show to buy their handmade goodies. They can simply visit their favorite website at their convenience.

I used crafts as one example only. There are many other businesses inrepparttar 116959 same boat. But with a little effort and know-how, small business owners can turn their failing businesses into successful Internet businesses.

Business owners who currently rent office space can eliminate that expense by turning a room in their home into an office. Naturally, if clients need to be seen personally for services, that wouldn't work. But if it's possible, changingrepparttar 116960 location ofrepparttar 116961 office will put more profits inrepparttar 116962 pockets ofrepparttar 116963 business owner.

Small businesses *can* still survive. They just might have to adapt to changing times. So go withrepparttar 116964 flow!

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"Identifying What 'Conversion Rates' Really Means When Evaluating Potential Solo Ad Joint Ventures"

Written by Karl Augustine

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Whilerepparttar conversion rate metric is a necessary piece ofrepparttar 116955 potential joint venture package, it can be misleading if not properly qualified.

So, what questions do you ask to properly qualify what 'conversion rate' means and how do you verify it?

Short of looking atrepparttar 116956 other marketer's web log, you really can't verifyrepparttar 116957 metric. The best thing to do is to reviewrepparttar 116958 product yourself if possible and take a look atrepparttar 116959 sales copy ofrepparttar 116960 product. Take a look atrepparttar 116961 Alexa ranking to see what type of trafficrepparttar 116962 site is getting, at least from a volume standpoint.

Remember, Alexa rankings measure volume of traffic notrepparttar 116963 quality of traffic. Go to Google or some other search engine and see what types of sites link torepparttar 116964 site ofrepparttar 116965 product.

If there are professional well traveled sites that link torepparttar 116966 site that fit well withinrepparttar 116967 niche thatrepparttar 116968 product caters to, andrepparttar 116969 sales copy, price point, and delivery are professional and fitting torepparttar 116970 product offering, mayberepparttar 116971 conversion rate is comparable to what you're being told it is.

But, just becauserepparttar 116972 conversion rates maybe close to truthful, it doesn't mean that sending a solo ad to your list will work well.

You have to decide for yourself ifrepparttar 116973 product could pull inrepparttar 116974 type of conversion rates that are being 'sold' to you byrepparttar 116975 proposer ofrepparttar 116976 JV.

Remember thatrepparttar 116977 source of traffic is one ofrepparttar 116978 main factors that will determine what type of conversion rate any JV will obtain. Ask yourself if your list will respond well to a solo ad JV. Only you asrepparttar 116979 list owner will know whetherrepparttar 116980 product will be useful to your list and purchased by your list.

Be humble, work smart, keep it simple.

Karl Augustine "The Regular Guy" (c) Karl Augustine Starting an online business

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