10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Sales Affiliate

Written by J E Sheward

There are several companies onrepparttar web today who offer excellent affiliate programs. However, if you think you just have to sign up to become an affiliate and sit back waiting forrepparttar 117214 checks to start rolling in, itís just not gonna happen. You CAN make good money as an affiliate but it will take some effort and time on your part. The following tips may make that effort a little easier, andrepparttar 117215 time a little shorter.

1.Make sure thatrepparttar 117216 company you sign up with has some sort of ďtrainingĒ site, or tips for selling their product, AND someone in your upline you can contact if you need some help. You donít want a company that just turns you loose with no direction or help.

2.Look at their commission tiers. Do you have room for advancement? Will you make a commission fromrepparttar 117217 affiliates you refer? Can you earn residual income? You definitely want to be compensated for your hard work by moving up inrepparttar 117218 ranks, and residual income is crucial to continued checks each month.

3.Do they offer gateway websites? In other words, do they offer a ready-made website with your unique affiliate ID# that you can promote, or do you need to have your own website. Either way is fine, it just may be easier for a beginner to have a gateway website to promote first.

4.Are their products something that you yourself would be interested in or benefit from? You donít want to promote something that you yourself do not believe in.

Direct Selling Comparison Worksheet

Written by Diane Drayer

When you start your search forrepparttar perfect Direct Selling or Home Party Line business, here are some valuable questions to ask when comparing companies and opportunities:

1) Start up cost should be minimal. Start up cost in direct selling and network marketing companies are usually modest and mainly to coverrepparttar 117213 cost ofrepparttar 117214 sales kit. What is their start up cost? What comes inrepparttar 117215 kit?

2) Some companies require a monthly purchase. Is there a monthly minimum purchase requirement and if so, how much isrepparttar 117216 monthly investment?

3) Most companies submitrepparttar 117217 local state sales tax, however, there are a few that do not. Will I be required to submit my own state sales tax?

4) Check with each company regarding their return policy. This will be vital to your business. Can I return unwanted or damaged products and if so, what isrepparttar 117218 return policy?

5) Do you have a "buy-back" policy? Some companies offer to "buy-back" unsold marketable products purchased withinrepparttar 117219 12 months prior, should you decide to quitrepparttar 117220 business for 90% ofrepparttar 117221 price you originally paid. Do they offer a "buy-back" policy?

6) Some companies require Independent Representatives to pay for portions ofrepparttar 117222 Hostess gifts, etc. You should know upfront whether part of your commission earned will go to cover these cost. This will reducerepparttar 117223 actual amount of commissions earned. Am I required to cover part ofrepparttar 117224 Hostess Gifts or pay admin fees, etc.?

7) It is always smart to compare catalog and supplies cost as they vary by company. What do your catalogs and paperwork cost?

8) Customer shipping charges are important to your business and can vary greatly from company to company. What arerepparttar 117225 customer shipping charges?

9)It is customary for companies to have a monthly or quarterly sales requirement to stay active and/or receive overrides. What isrepparttar 117226 monthly/quarterly requirements?

10)If you plan to participate in local fairs, festivals or events, you will want to know whetherrepparttar 117227 company allows you to sell "cash & carry." Many will not as they prefer Representatives to provide one on one customer support and book to increase sales. Do you allow Representatives to sell products at local fairs and events?

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