10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Sales Affiliate

Written by J E Sheward

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5.Do they offer several streams of income or only one or two? The more products, or “streams” of income they offer,repparttar more opportunities for a sale.

6.Once you’ve chosen a company (or companies), you need to learn as much as you can about their products and/or services so you can better promote and sell them.

7.Promoting isrepparttar 117214 single most important aspect of any successful business. Due torepparttar 117215 many varied ways to promote your business, this will need to berepparttar 117216 subject of another article.

8.Be sure to utilizerepparttar 117217 training and tips offered on your members-only site. They are usually full of useful information on how to promote their specific products, along with links to other helpful sites.

9.Designate a specific time each day to work on your new business and stick to it. If you treat your new business as a hobby, your commissions will reflect such.

10.Be persistent and don’t get discouraged. It will most likely take several months to see real profits start rolling in, but they WILL roll in if you stay on course. The Roman Empire was not built in a day, and neither will Your Empire be.

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Direct Selling Comparison Worksheet

Written by Diane Drayer

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11)Many companies provide Representatives with a company approved website. If you plan to market your business online, this will be vital to your success. Does your company provide a website and if so, what isrepparttar cost?_______ If they do not, can I design my own?

12)Some companies authorize Representatives to deduct their commissions prior to sending inrepparttar 117213 Show Order, while others require all monies collected forwarded to home office and then commission checks are issues monthly or twice per month. How are you required to submit payment for a show?

13)How often are commission checks issued..monthly, twice monthly or weekly? My experience has been that most issue monthly. Be sure to ask as there are some that offer twice monthly and weekly.

14)Many companies now ship their products directly torepparttar 117214 consumer or Hostess, however, there are few that require Representatives to delivery a Show or products. Am I required to delivery products?

15)With some opportunities, Representatives are encouraged to stock products to have on hand for eager customers. Will I be required to stock or carry inventory?

16)Most companies allow their Representatives to purchase products or display items at a special discount. Are Representatives allowed to purchase products at a discount and if so, what isrepparttar 117215 discount?

17)Have them explainrepparttar 117216 commission structure and levels of achievement as it varies greatly by company. What is your commission structure?

18)Do they offer additional incentives, such as trips, a cash bonus and etc.?

19)What type of support is available?

As with any business, finding what works for you and your lifestyle will berepparttar 117217 key. Take time to research opportunities and consider whetherrepparttar 117218 business and support team are a good match for you.

Diane Drayer is the owner of http://www.DirectSalesWomen.com. The site is devoted to connecting women in direct sales with valuable resources and information.

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