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Why Aren't You Using Audio?

Written by Ronni Rhodes

Why Arenít You Using Audio?


Ronni Rhodes

As use ofrepparttar Internet continues to grow geometrically, we see an increased demand for information to be provided by a variety of media. Viewing options can range from simple text to PDF documents to video clips. Unfortunately, each option requires more and more resources and technological know-how. As convergence moves inexorably forward, we have to ask ourselves if there is a practical way to combinerepparttar 124138 best of this technology and still providerepparttar 124139 user with a satisfying Internet experience.

The answer, at this stage of Internet evolution, is audio.

Voice, by itself, providesrepparttar 124140 means to enhance a userís enjoyment ofrepparttar 124141 Internet. Voice conveys many ofrepparttar 124142 intangibles underlyingrepparttar 124143 written word. A voice can touchrepparttar 124144 human spirit and deliver a message on itsí own merits. Audio can build community and maintain relationships.

Audio isrepparttar 124145 most mature ofrepparttar 124146 streaming technologies and doesnít haverepparttar 124147 bandwidth requirements associated with video. Any Internet user connecting at 28.8k or better can enjoy FM quality sound without experiencing buffering and other annoyances that can affect video at lower bit rates.

It is common knowledge that people only retain 20% of what they read, but they do remember 70% of what they see and hear. That fact in itself increasesrepparttar 124148 value of an audio message delivered from a website forrepparttar 124149 typical user. And,repparttar 124150 implications of how audio can increase Internet enjoyment forrepparttar 124151 handicapped are overwhelming.

Streaming audio provides Internet businesses with unlimited opportunities to reach their audience and to simplify their interactions. Streaming audio broadens a productís appeal and helps to stimulate sales. People are comfortable with audio and have few qualms about using it in their day-to-day lives.

Retailers can integrate audio into their operations in several ways. Use it to enhance product descriptions and deliver product information in ways far more persuasive than plain text. Booksellers can have ďspecial eventsĒ that offer audio excerpts from selected titles. Art dealers can use voice to give value added information on an artist or a period of history depicted by an artistís work. (Think of those audio tours that museums offer.)

Organizations that specialize in selling educational tools can use audio clips for potential clients to preview and evaluaterepparttar 124152 material being offered. The ability to samplerepparttar 124153 product is a potent and practical selling aid.

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