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The benefits of the new Firefox browser

Written by Jakob Jelling

You probably heard ofrepparttar new Firefox browser version 1.0 recently released by Mozilla. If you are currently using Internet Explorer or Netscape, you are probably wondering if Firefox is better and why is it better. In order to answer these questions it is necessary to take a look at allrepparttar 133407 benefits that Firefox offers you as a user.

First of all, Firefox is free, which is definitely a plus. It is an open-source web browser based onrepparttar 133408 Mozilla code foundation and will work for Windows, Linux and MacOS X operating systems. These arerepparttar 133409 technical specification, but what is more interesting to you as a user is that Firefox is very fast, secure, and is easy to use and navigate. The user interface is straightforward and uncomplicated.

There are numerous benefits that Firefox has. One of them isrepparttar 133410 popup blocking capability. You no longer have to see all those frustrating popup windows sincerepparttar 133411 browser will take cake of them. You also donít need an alternative popup blocker program. Firefox also allows you to use tabs to open new web pages instead of using a new window. This feature is similar torepparttar 133412 one that Netscape offers. However, withrepparttar 133413 Firefox, you can also open web pages inrepparttar 133414 background.

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