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Products & Services of Largest B2B trade portal, allactiontrade.com. Various Sections of www.AllActionTrade.com like, b2b trade offers, global trade leads, b2b auctions, b2b exhibitions, b2b forums, etc.

Allactiontrade.com is an online business-to-business services provider torepparttar global buyers and suppliers. Buyers and sellers can promote their products and services to their domestic, national and international markets and atrepparttar 148084 same time source buyers and sellers for their respective products. Allactiontrade.com provides user-friendly platform for exporters and manufacturers to find buyers for their products in America, Europe and other parts ofrepparttar 148085 world. Thousands of buyers worldwide use Allactiontrade.com as their sourcing center.

Auctions: Allow manufacturers and exporters to post their excess inventories for buyers to bid against. Many buyers are looking for good bargain always and this isrepparttar 148086 best way to get rid of your excess stock. Go to Auction>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/auctions

Trade Offers: Members can post, view and instantly respond to buy, sell, and business opportunities offers. This is one ofrepparttar 148087 best tools to reach millions of potential customers worldwide. Members can receive trade leads updates via e-mail with Allactiontrade.com Trade Alert Service. Go to Trade Offers>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/tradeoffers/

Company Directories: Allows companies to list their company, profile, and contact details in online directory of companies classified by trade categories and subcategories. This allows members to find buyers or suppliers for specific products. Go to Directories>>http://www.allactiontrade.com/directories/

Trade plus: Allows customers and members to build instant websites for their company with a choice of templates and personalised sub domain to give them a unique web presence. Credit Rating, Credit Report, Report History etc. are some ofrepparttar 148088 features we have added in Tplus. Go to Tplus>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/tools/tplus/

Business Credit Report In today’s volatile business atmosphere, you need to identify and verify your trading partners. Be able to identify your trading partner’s financial strength, payment history, and credibility. Go to Credit Report>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/tools/credit_report/

Company Showrooms: Allows members to post their products descriptions, prices and photos for potential buyers to access. Go to Showroom>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/showrooms/

Forums: Allows members to exchange views, reports and other information of specific products or services. This helps companies and their employees to be more informed of their products and services. Go to Forums>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/forums/

Exhibitions: Provides complete information on upcoming exhibitions worldwide according to trade categories and countries. Go to Exhibition>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/tradeinfo/exhibitions/

Trade Sites: Allows customers and members to build instant websites for their company consisting of up to 25 products catalogs, company profile, contact information, products and services. Go to Trade Sites>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/tradesites/

Members Profile: Allows members to search, sort, and manage their online trading activities in one centralized location. Update your Profile>> http://www.allactiontrade.com/profile/

Yellowpages: Find buyer and supplier in your city

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From Niche Marketing to Fragmentation

Written by Stephen Pierce

Copyright 2005 Stephen Pierce

Think about something Bill Cosby said and ask yourself "how does this apply to your current marketing. Cosby stated “I don’t knowrepparttar key to success, butrepparttar 148083 key to failure is trying to please everyone."

Are you trying to be everything to everybody? Are you even trying to be one specific thing to everybody?

Re-examine your marketing strategy and trimrepparttar 148084 fat and focus on very specific niche markets. Heck, go even further than niche marketing and fragment that niche to micro levels.

For example there are two broad markets that relate to some of our offerings. They are "investors" and "traders". These are two very different and distinct groups of people which approach stocks and futures trading completely different.

So we go torepparttar 148085 internal niche markets of "traders" and look at "stock traders", "futures & commodity traders", and "forex traders".

In fragmenting these markets we go on a micro level to create multiple opportunities such as "stock day traders", "emini stock day traders", "futures day traders", "index futures day traders". How about options trading? You have "stock options traders", "futures options traders" and "forex options traders."

The needs, wants, desired, must haves, should haves, etc of each fragmented group are different.

While they all want to make money in how they trade, why they trade and what they trade… getting torepparttar 148086 output requires different input and processes.

By understanding this and marketing accordingly, you can more strategically and intelligently build up monster profits as you cater torepparttar 148087 specific customized needs for each fragment.

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