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Written by stanley smallwood

Monday, May 30 Let us not forget churches and other non-profit Out ofrepparttar 3 trillion dollars that will be earned overrepparttar 142515 internet through shopping how much will be given to non-profit organizations? It's impossible to determine how much money is given through private donations but we can calculaterepparttar 142516 amount if we set up a means by which we can countrepparttar 142517 number of ecommerce stores that advertise openly that they are willing to contribute part of their profit inrepparttar 142518 name of their customers. What I mean is, rather than takingrepparttar 142519 money and running why can't we give our customersrepparttar 142520 opportunity to see to it that a portion ofrepparttar 142521 money that they spend gets sent to their favorite charitable organization. One such ecommerce store is www.CharitiesThroughChrist.com.

The Do's and Don'ts of Launching a Small Business Website

Written by Adil Wali

Launching a new small business website is often a long and painstaking process. And for most small businesses,repparttar endeavor rarely ends in success. The terrain is mapped with freelancers, firms, and consultants that donít offerrepparttar 142514 same services and most certainly donít chargerepparttar 142515 same prices. Projects are often riddled with unclear expectations, missed deadlines, and ridiculous hourly rates. Whatís worse is that many developers haverepparttar 142516 audacity to ask for even more money halfway throughrepparttar 142517 project. Even after all ofrepparttar 142518 hard work is complete, most companies donít even see a return on investment.

If you havenít been there, you probably know someone who has. IT outsourcing and procurement is often times so traumatizing that many of us vow never to deal with it again. Butrepparttar 142519 whole process need not be so difficult and fruitless. The purpose of this article is to aid you in launching a successful website with minimal pain and effort. Who knows, if you play your cards right, it may even be within budget and on time!

The Doníts

Donít spend too much on web hosting. If you are a small business that is just beginning to define your online presence, you donít need a whole lot! You most certainly donít need 10,000MB (10GB) of web space and 100,000MB (100GB) of bandwidth each month. So donít pay for it! You might be thinking, ďWell, if itís relatively cheap and I may need it inrepparttar 142520 future, why donít I just spring for it now?Ē That kind of reasoning pavesrepparttar 142521 road to overspending. Besides, web hosts making such offers are hoping that you wonít really userepparttar 142522 massive set of features. Expert web developers and power users will use that kind of space and bandwidth, however, andrepparttar 142523 end result is a bogged down and slow web host. Go with something economical and reliable; itís probably even faster.

Donít mold your website to a pre-defined package. Although your local newspaper advertisement for development of a ď5-page website with logo design for only $995Ē may be tempting, donít fall for it. Any company that sells you pre-set web site packages (or charges based onrepparttar 142524 number of pages) hasrepparttar 142525 wrong idea. Web development should be a custom-fitting job. Your website is a business tool, and should be developed to exact specifications that enable it to complementrepparttar 142526 rest of your business. If you compromise your websiteís functionality, you compromise its ability to help you make money.

Donít startrepparttar 142527 project until you are fully prepared. The easiest way to ruin a web development project is to get started before you are ready. Everything does not need to be in perfect order when you are shopping around for development; however, once you select a developer and begin work, being unprepared will only slow your project down greatly and drive up costs. Avoid this by purchasing your domain and web hosting, writing out all content, and deciding onrepparttar 142528 general layout you desire, all beforerepparttar 142529 project begins.

Donít compare apples to oranges. Not all web developers are created equal, so it is unfruitful and unwise to compare them on a single benchmark (such as price). While some ďfull-serviceĒ firms will create your website, upload it to your domain, and maintainrepparttar 142530 site to make sure itís up-to-date, others will simply e-mail you a folder full of files and expect you to know what to do from there. Similarly, some firms will reviserepparttar 142531 finished product over and over until youíre satisfied while others believe you are paying them for one draft of work and no more. Be mindful of these differences and understand what is built intorepparttar 142532 different prices of each provider.

Donít focus too much on eye-candy. Remember what your website is for. Unless you arerepparttar 142533 exception torepparttar 142534 rule,repparttar 142535 purpose of your site is either to a) give information about your product/service or company, b) allow users to buy directly fromrepparttar 142536 site or c) both. In all cases,repparttar 142537 site must be easy to understand, navigate, and operate. If your site is so new-age and graphic intensive that users have no idea how to get around it, or worseóit takes too long to load, youíve defeatedrepparttar 142538 purpose of its creation.

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