"to think is to differ"

Written by Iheme Godwin & Val k

"incognito argu sum" (I think therefore I am), so says a French philosopher Rene Descartes. Noted. But what does it mean to think? Is thinking justrepparttar ability to reason? Or does it entail more. Like delving intorepparttar 105756 guts to produce what lies therein?

Lesser animals have instincts. But man, a higher animal, thinks. To think is to be alive, a confirmation of consciousness. I am conscious, so I think.

But thinking involves more than just an exercise in awareness. It is a psychological mechanism, which enables us to act. Man is a being that is designed to execute his thoughts. We most times become what we think. The Orientals knewrepparttar 105757 secret of this, so they invented their mantras.

And what is mantra? A word repeated again and again inrepparttar 105758 mind like a sublimal broadcast so thatrepparttar 105759 body now acts on it.

I will give an example of a mantra: "I can!"I am unique. So too my thoughts. No two human beings thinkrepparttar 105760 same way. Like fingerprint, my thought patterns are different. I am different. Or maybe I should say I choose to be different. So I think differently.


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