the man who could not say sorry for his sins

Written by malcolm james pugh

Sorry would be a start.

Though you cant take back your mistakes, and you cant unravel time, youd think there would be remorse, for such a self serving crime, to send others out to die, to payrepparttar blood price you have decreed, when its purely posturing and posing, all about vanity and greed, to secure a perceived niche in history, glowing downrepparttar 138874 years, isrepparttar 138875 extent of your ambition, isrepparttar 138876 puny limit of your fears, when those you have sent to die, believing implicitly in you, leave relatives behind who see, that nothing you said was true, there is no thought now for those, whose number you dont count,

The Day Newsweek Bungled

Written by Nathaniel Quest

More than 16 deaths were reported and dozens injured following violent protests from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Indonesia, Gaza and even to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Malaysia andrepparttar Arab League. So much loss of life and sufferings all on account of one article that may or may not even be true. And would you believe that article came from--Newsweek? The magazine we all grew up with and have always held to be truthful and reliable?

Why would a single article spark so much violence and unrest? Newsweek, in its May 23 edition, said that according to a "knowledgeable government source," interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had flushed at least one copy ofrepparttar 138614 Koran down a toilet in order to makerepparttar 138615 detainees talk. We all know thatrepparttar 138616 detainees there are mostly, if not all, Muslims.

And what is (the) Koran? According to,repparttar 138617 Koran, or Quran, isrepparttar 138618 holy book of Islam. Muslims believe that it isrepparttar 138619 literal word of God revealed torepparttar 138620 Prophet Muhammad byrepparttar 138621 Angel Gabriel. Muslims believe inrepparttar 138622 Koran inrepparttar 138623 same way as Christians believe inrepparttar 138624 Bible, thoughrepparttar 138625 belief and respect ofrepparttar 138626 Muslims onrepparttar 138627 Koran is much more passionate. It is said that "none shall touchrepparttar 138628 Koran saverepparttar 138629 purified ones." Obviously,repparttar 138630 Newsweek writers alleged that not only didrepparttar 138631 'unpurified ones' touchrepparttar 138632 Koran, but they even flushed it downrepparttar 138633 toilet.

Now that is a really stupid thing to do--to actually have done it, and to write about it and publish it for allrepparttar 138634 world to read. Isn'trepparttar 138635 time we live in dangerous enough? Do we need to add more sparks to ignite more violence?

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