the man who could not say sorry for his sins

Written by malcolm james pugh

Sorry would be a start.

Though you cant take back your mistakes, and you cant unravel time, youd think there would be remorse, for such a self serving crime, to send others out to die, to payrepparttar blood price you have decreed, when its purely posturing and posing, all about vanity and greed, to secure a perceived niche in history, glowing downrepparttar 138863 years, isrepparttar 138864 extent of your ambition, isrepparttar 138865 puny limit of your fears, when those you have sent to die, believing implicitly in you, leave relatives behind who see, that nothing you said was true, there is no thought now for those, whose number you dont count,

Opportunity Knocks 1000 Times

Written by Steve Gillman

You've heard people say that opportunity only knocks once. I say it knocks a thousand times, or at least it can. The problem is, we often don't listen, we don't see, or we don't want to work. The biggest problem, though, is that opportunity really isn't opportunity, if you're not ready for it.

A couple I know had a business handed to them for free. The owner didn't want to deal with it anymore, even though it made money. He had other things going on in his life. He couldn't just call it quits, however, becauserepparttar lease on repparttar 138842 building had nine months to go. This is where my friends enterrepparttar 138843 story. Why did they have a business given to them?

They listened, and letrepparttar 138844 man tell his story.

They looked atrepparttar 138845 business, and sawrepparttar 138846 opportunity.

They worked, doing what it took to benefit from their "good luck."

The owner agreed to give themrepparttar 138847 business if they would simply take overrepparttar 138848 lease onrepparttar 138849 building.

Get Ready For Opportunity

The biggest reason "opportunity knocked" however, includes repparttar 138850 others, and goes beyond them: They were ready.

They had a little bit of money to handlerepparttar 138851 transition, they had previous experience with a small business, and they were willing to learn what they needed to learn.

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