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Backordering Your Domain Names

Written by Dr. Peter Liu

As a domain player, you know that almost allrepparttar great domain names were taken before 1999. It is difficult now to get an even fairly decent domain name.

Sometimes, however, some registrants do not recognize that their domain names are pretty valuable and drop them after they find no application for their domain names.

That is whenrepparttar 108229 backordering comes into play. Now you need to know that there may be many people waiting to backorderrepparttar 108230 same domain name. So itís important to find a backordering service provider that can maximize your odds of gettingrepparttar 108231 domain name for a minimal price. That could be quite some task.

The key for a successful backorder is to find a competent backordering service. Here are some tips for you to consider.

1) Choose a backorder service that works with quite some registrars. More registrars mean better odds for you to getrepparttar 108232 domain name you want.

2) Avoidrepparttar 108233 backorder service that placesrepparttar 108234 domain name on auction. With such a service provider, you are not certain if you can getrepparttar 108235 domain name for a price you want to pay. Auctioneers are always seekingrepparttar 108236 highest bid for a domain name.

The bad news is that considering both 1) and 2), you may find that no service provider may meed your demand. As a matter of fact, almost allrepparttar 108237 backorder services are running an auction mode business.

Some major backorder service providers are listed here for your reference.

1) Snapnames.com. This may berepparttar 108238 biggest. It works with a dozen of registrars. But that does not mean they can have a better chances than others to backorder a domain name. Ifrepparttar 108239 domain name is fairly of low grade, then they might be able to snap it for you. But for a great domain name,repparttar 108240 competition is keen and chances are snapnames.com can not get it for you. Snapnames.com placesrepparttar 108241 domain name backordered on auction. The auction goes for three days. Inrepparttar 108242 end ofrepparttar 108243 auction, they awardrepparttar 108244 domain name torepparttar 108245 highest bidder. A recent example is infodepot.com; snapnames.com awarded it to a bidder for $1250 forrepparttar 108246 domain name. The minimal bid is $60.

2) Pool.com. Pool.comís business is similar to snapnames.com. They may work with fewer registrars. But sometimes they still have better chances of getting quite decent domain names. The minimal bid is $60.

3) Namewinner.com. Namewinner.com is part of dotster.com. They work with a few domain registrars. Occasionally, they can snap a few great domain names. They also placerepparttar 108247 domain names on auction. Butrepparttar 108248 auction is done before they snap it. The minimal bid is $30. One thing that clients need to be aware that when you enter a so called extended auction. The so called extended auction is to sellrepparttar 108249 domain names Namewinner.com registered. Please be advised that there will be a $50 fee when you eneter such an auction. You not see any statement easily. So be advsied to keep off or be ready to apy $50.

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