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Written by By Vickie J. Scanlon

I have always been interested in computers, but inrepparttar beginning, I would not venture any further than torepparttar 139510 software end of learning. However, learning onlyrepparttar 139511 software side, and knowing nothing aboutrepparttar 139512 hardware side, can open you up to some costly times atrepparttar 139513 shop.

When I was selling peripherals, I happen to ask my immediate supervisor how he would go about learningrepparttar 139514 hardware side of computers. He looked at me and flatly stated, Like I did -- learn by doing build a computer from scratch. Well, that is exactly what I did. And Ill give you a tidbit of what I learned andrepparttar 139515 problems I encountered.

Lessons Learned

1.I tried to put a floppy drive from my old unit into my new unit. I blew uprepparttar 139516 floppy drive. Lesson learned do not put outdated computer components into a new system. Duh! 2.Some ofrepparttar 139517 old programs are not compatible withrepparttar 139518 new operating system. Did cost me some extra money and time. 3.Dont build a new system from scratch it cost more than a manufactured unit, unless you have money to burn, want to learn more about computers, or you are going to repair computers for a living.

What do you need in a computer?

Since you are going to run your business from your computer you want to make sure you getrepparttar 139519 best you can get, atrepparttar 139520 price you can afford.

1.When money allows, piggyback an additional hard drive onto your primary hard drive for backup. Needless to say, your primary hard drive will not last forever. 2.CD-ROM (Self explanatory) 3.Hard drive Make sure your hard drive has enough memory -- I have several 40 GB hard drives. 4.Floppy drive good for quick copies of an Excel, Word, etc. 5.Printer A quality printer. When looking for a printer, make sure it is compatible withrepparttar 139521 operating system you have andrepparttar 139522 operating system that is currently out onrepparttar 139523 market. Why? It saves you time you may have to look for an upgrade for your printer online forrepparttar 139524 new operating system sometimes its free, sometimes its not, or sometimesrepparttar 139525 computer will not supportrepparttar 139526 printer withrepparttar 139527 new operating systems. They want you to buy a new unit. 6.Power supply some suggest thatrepparttar 139528 computer unit should have 300+ voltage to give your operating system a lot of snap. 7.Fans The new units usually have additional fans to coolrepparttar 139529 CPU which will help extendrepparttar 139530 life of your computer. 8.Networking capabilities youll never know when you want to add an additional unit, its always good to be prepared and trust me it will happen eventually. 9.If you have to buy a new operating system, I would suggest going with Microsoft XP Professional. I found it very stable, and less likely to crash.

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