staffordshire bull terriers

Written by Donal Keenan

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog – A Masterpiece Amongstrepparttar Species

The Staffordshire bull terrier is a strong and powerful dog. It is muscular, has distinct cheek muscles, strong jaws and teeth, which form a scissors bite. Contrary to this masculinity, a delicate touch torepparttar 135331 terrier’s face is provided by its soft brown eyes and black shining nose. The skin coat is equally soft and sleek and comprises shining black, blue, brindle and fawn color with occasional markings on it.

The secret ofrepparttar 135332 dog’s strength is not depended on its size. With a short yet broad skull, short foreface, rose or half pricked ears,repparttar 135333 Staffords are a masterpiece of unique qualities and well-defined strength. The legs are straight and well boned,repparttar 135334 shoulders show no weakness,repparttar 135335 feet are well padded andrepparttar 135336 body is tight with deep briskets and well built ribs.

The Staffordshire bull terrier lives for about 10-16 years. Throughout its lifetime, it manifests enough of its strength. It possesses tremendous stamina and must exercise daily to keep up to its potentiality to show strength. It is advisable to keep them in chains in public sphere. The coat is shorthaired and smooth. Regular grooming with a firm bristle brush or a bath with shampoo keepsrepparttar 135337 coat fluffy, clean, soft and shining.

The weight of this species of dog ranges from 28 to 38 pounds andrepparttar 135338 bitch ranges from 24 to 34 pounds. The height of both dogs and bitches range from 14 to 16 inches. The body is well balanced and is perfectly made. The tail is very fluffy and of medium length. It remains undocked, tapering to one point and then carrying low. Its neither too curled nor very straight for either of it would give an awkward look torepparttar 135339 terrier. Therefore,repparttar 135340 Staffordshire bull terrier is a perfect example of a handsome, well-formed yet strong dog. Allrepparttar 135341 characteristics are very evenly balanced in this dog.

Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom

Written by Paul Siegel

On September 11, 2001, 4 freedom-hating zealots tried to snuff out repparttar 4 freedoms that arerepparttar 126063 foundation of, not onlyrepparttar 126064 U.S., but of all freedom-loving countries aroundrepparttar 126065 Globe. The terrorists hijacked 4 airplanes and crashed them into 3 of their 4 planned targets:repparttar 126066 Pentagon andrepparttar 126067 2 financial towers in New York. This attack shockedrepparttar 126068 U.S. and shockedrepparttar 126069 world. It produced death and destruction, anger and misery, defiance and calls for revenge.

Although some military strikes may be needed,repparttar 126070 best way to fight terrorism is by stoking and fanningrepparttar 126071 4 flames of freedom everywhere.

The 4 Freedoms are Attacked

Why wasrepparttar 126072 U.S. attacked? Becauserepparttar 126073 U.S. isrepparttar 126074 leader ofrepparttar 126075 free world. It stands for ideas which are contrary to what radical terrorists believe. They considerrepparttar 126076 U.S. to berepparttar 126077 devil that must be obliterated. What arerepparttar 126078 ideasrepparttar 126079 U.S. stands for? It stands for, it burns,repparttar 126080 4 flames of freedom:

1 - FREEDOM OF SPEECH - The terrorists haterepparttar 126081 idea of free speech. Free speech implies disrespect for authority. Free speech means you can utter blasphemies. Free speech means you can be subversive.

To freedom-loving countries, however, free speech is our strength. By criticizing authority we reduce corruption. By allowing people to speak freely about religion, we keep our spiritual environment strong. By allowing people to speak their mind, we learn to get along better with each other.

2 - FREEDOM OF RELIGION - The terrorists probably hate this freedom most of all. According to them there is only one religion and everyone inrepparttar 126082 world must agree with them and practice this religionrepparttar 126083 way THEY see it. They do not practice Islam, but a corrupted form of Islam. Islam does not advocate killing people whose beliefs are different from yours. Likerepparttar 126084 other big religions, it favors peaceful communication.

Inrepparttar 126085 U.S. and other freedom-loving countries, members of all repparttar 126086 major religions live together in harmony. Each person practices his or her religion as he or she sees fit. Like freedom of speech, freedom of religion builds true communities.

3 - FREEDOM OF SELF-GOVERNMENT (DEMOCRACY) - Terrorists are unqualifiably against democracy. They believe that "spiritual" leaders deserve a greater voice than others. The average citizen should do as he is told.

We, inrepparttar 126087 free world, relish our democracy. It means that everyone has rights as well as responsibilities. We argue constantly aboutrepparttar 126088 best way to do things. But, as a result, when we do make a decision, we support it. We realize, especially at a time like this, that we are all in this together. Democracy gives us unity.

4 - FREEDOM OF INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY - Terrorists do not understand this concept. They believe one should subordinate oneself torepparttar 126089 group and to one's god. Thus they eagerly become martyrs.

Freedom-loving countries, especiallyrepparttar 126090 U.S., thrive on individual opportunity for all. This concept has led torepparttar 126091 growth of great corporations and to many rich citizens. Evenrepparttar 126092 very poor in freedom-loving count ries live better than many in poor countries that harbor terrorists.

Our Response

How shouldrepparttar 126093 U.S. and other freedom-loving countries respond torepparttar 126094 attack? Many seerepparttar 126095 start of a war. But no country has declared war. A network of terrorists is responsible forrepparttar 126096 atrocity. Some call what happened evil and that we should eliminate evil. This scares me. Who defines what is evil? The terrorists have definedrepparttar 126097 U.S. as evil and look what it has led to.

We are not fighting another country. Some military strikes may be needed to showrepparttar 126098 terrorists we mean business. But this fight will not be won by military means. Neither should we fight evil with another crusade. We are fighting a monstrous attack on our way of life. Therefore, we must:

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