reflections - sending out loving kindness to the world

Written by Claire Chapman

It's been an emotional week this week, in a lot of ways. I don't think that there are any of us, reading this, who have failed to be touched byrepparttar events that happened in London on Thursday, in some way. I was actually in London on Thursday, on an NLP course, in Hammersmith, and as reports started coming in, one ofrepparttar 148631 first thoughts was letting my loved ones, friends & family know how I was, and that I was safe and away fromrepparttar 148632 trouble. Amazingly onrepparttar 148633 course, we spent some time sending out light itorepparttar 148634 universe to help withrepparttar 148635 healing ofrepparttar 148636 city. It's been a powerful testament torepparttar 148637 people this week I thinkrepparttar 148638 way thatrepparttar 148639 media has reported onrepparttar 148640 bombs &repparttar 148641 reaction ofrepparttar 148642 people of London. Even inrepparttar 148643 midst of such terror and pain there has been tales of support, sharing, community, and wanting to continue with life. So, a thought for all those who have died, or are ill, and a sharing of community for all of us.

One ofrepparttar 148644 most important things I have got from this weeks events is to always speak fromrepparttar 148645 heart, in everything that we do. It shouldn't take a major event to do that, but so often it's easier not to have those conversations, or to continue inrepparttar 148646 traditional "English" way of doing things. This week, I'd love you to focus on sharing your emotions with those who are important to you,repparttar 148647 more we all do this,repparttar 148648 less likely it is that those who want to spread terror will win. From my heart, and thoughts onrepparttar 148649 event, to yours - I hope you find these tips useful.... ·takerepparttar 148650 time to tell those who are important to you that you love them. Remember that saying, don't letrepparttar 148651 sun go down on an argument? I heard a great continuation of this earlier inrepparttar 148652 week, that when people die we grieverepparttar 148653 most when we have not told them everything we wanted to say. Who do you need to have conversations with to release that pain? ·Open yourself torepparttar 148654 positive - spend your time with people who are important to you & who focus onrepparttar 148655 great things that life has to offer ·Noticerepparttar 148656 abundance around you. I regularly share with a friendrepparttar 148657 top 5 things each day that make my day great. What would this mean to you? It can be as simple as a cup of tea, a walk inrepparttar 148658 park or time with family & friends.

Tim McGraw has it right - Live like your Dying

Written by Greg Ryan

Chorus: An’ he said: “I went ski diving, I went rocky mountain climbing, “I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu” “And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter, “And I gave forgiveness I’d been denying.” An he said: “Some day, I hope you getrepparttar chance, “To live like you were dyin’.”

One ofrepparttar 148408 latest songs by Tim McGraw talks about a man in his forties with cancer. Who began to live his life has if he had only days to live. And all he hope for others was, “Someday, I hope you getrepparttar 148409 chance, to live like you were dying.” Are you? Are you living a life like you are dying? I don’t mean inrepparttar 148410 physical sense, how aboutrepparttar 148411 spiritual realm. The bible talks about dying to self by living for Jesus.

Each day we are challenged to make decisions that lead us away from Jesus or directly towards. Yet, which seems easier? Dying to self takes sacrifice, trust and faith in God. It also means letting go ofrepparttar 148412 things of this world.

I have always tried to live my life with no regrets when I look back atrepparttar 148413 end ofrepparttar 148414 day. And maybe on my tombstone it will say just that simple phrase, “No regrets”. Yet, one ofrepparttar 148415 biggest daily challenges I face is dying to my flesh or things of this world. Andrepparttar 148416 only way I can winrepparttar 148417 over them is ask Jesus for help. When wasrepparttar 148418 last time you just awoke inrepparttar 148419 morning and ask, help? Help me Lord today to live for you and not for this world. Be with me Lord every second this day and help me make decisions that bring me closer to you.”

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