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Written by Harvey Blank

It is posible to increase your business by using logo merchantise. This can make your business stand out in a crowd, ahead of your competition.

Here are just a few ways that you can increase your business by using logo merchantise: *trade show promotions, *door openers, *product introduction, *employee motivation, *executive gifts, *saftey programs, *fund raising, *sales recognition, and *logo identity.

Step Out Of The Box For Increased Sales…

Written by Sonya Meyers

The computer box that is. Have you become so Internet minded you are no longer equipped to recognizerepparttar real world as a platform for increased sales? It can happen, even torepparttar 124477 best of us inrepparttar 124478 business world. The key to blasting throughrepparttar 124479 ceiling of sales is to combine technology with age-old opportunities. In other words, get yourself off-line for a few hours a week and rethink your selling ideas.

Once you've adjusted to sunlight and real live people, consider these combinations for propelling new sales.

1. Do you offer something that can be turned into a CD for sales in real time stores? For instance, if you own a subscription based website you can offer a presentation by CD that includes a membership password and sell those CDs in targeted retail outlets at wholesale prices. Get this CD into a retail chain that picks it up nationwide and you could be looking at millions of dollars in revenue.

In order to make this idea successful you must provide a professionally presented CD torepparttar 124480 correct contact person in repparttar 124481 retail establishment. Be prepared to put out some capital to pull this presentation together. Look for purchasing contracts with retailers that will not require you to buy back merchandise that did not sell and offer a low minimum purchase to entice interest fromrepparttar 124482 retailer.

2. Offer to speak at professional organizations within your industry. By combining your industry knowledge with online experience you have something valuable to offer organizations that have not yet ventured into this online medium.

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