osCommerce – What is it and its benefits ?

Written by Teeyes Siva

You should have come across this word ‘ osCommerce’. What is it ?

osCommerce (available as free download from http://www.oscommerce.com) isrepparttar most comprehensive and popular open source Shopping Cart system in existence. It has a huge list of features and is probablyrepparttar 148064 most versatile shopping cart solution and offers vast range of customization choices forrepparttar 148065 on-line storefront owners depending on their need at a very affordable price.

If you are looking for setting up an e-shop, you should definitely consider osCommerce osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution released underrepparttar 148066 GNU General Public License. osCommerce is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend, which can be easily configured over web. What arerepparttar 148067 Requirements : With no special requirements, osCommerce is able to run on any PHP 4.1+ enabled web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

What arerepparttar 148068 Advantages : -It is a very good, full-featured, cart. Uses Php and MySQL. -Supports a wide range of credit-card processors and shipping services. -It uses an indexed database and can handle a large number of products (10's of thousands). -Most Hosting companies include installation as Readymade Scripts. One ofrepparttar 148069 main benefits of osCommerce is that If your hosting company doesn't install osCommerce you may still be able to install it yourself or have someone install it for you

Flash makes your site heavy - Why and Where to use it ?

Written by Yasir Ikram

|||||||||||||||||||||| FLASH ||||||||||||||||||||||||

Some Web designers thinks flash should not be used in their websites. REASONS: * Page takes more time to load * Visitor need to wait, until its loaded * Not Search engine friendly * Require more space

but you cannot neglectrepparttar importance and its role in world wide web. when it comes to its beauty and eye catching animations[mostly website intros] you cannot think of going to another website until you view it all, am i right!

Some of Reasons why use Flash in your website

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