manufacturers survival

Written by konstantin otto

Manufacturers Survival The humanity's cultural heritage is growing in geometric scale. Manufacturer faces every time more efficient competitors. Development of new processes is arduous work. This work suffers opposition from defenders' ofrepparttar archaic and ofrepparttar 147659 ones that don't understandrepparttar 147660 progress. To produce goods inrepparttar 147661 industrial scale we needed to haverepparttar 147662 product, process, market, strategy of sale [marketing], organization [administration], and safety. The product owes being of quality same or superior thatrepparttar 147663 existent average inrepparttar 147664 market. The process should be more efficient possible. The sale should be of low cost and should guarantee sale of all production at maximum price. The circumstances ofrepparttar 147665 consuming market [demand, offer of competitors, prices and credit] are component which cannot be influenced by manufacturer, but of which dependsrepparttar 147666 survival or and profit [ofrepparttar 147667 manufacturer]. The safety isrepparttar 147668 protection that manufacturer receives fromrepparttar 147669 judiciary system. Every company depends on these factors. Until that are nothing new, these rules reign during centuries, what is innovation isrepparttar 147670 speed with which parameter of these factors change. Development ofrepparttar 147671 product, inrepparttar 147672 archaic method, was lineal: an engineer executed one part ofrepparttar 147673 project after other, this method isrepparttar 147674 most economical and it pass through without great upset. The productivity falls when more people participate inrepparttar 147675 work, but period ofrepparttar 147676 execution is reduced. If project is cheap, but if it comes late that is total loss. To facerepparttar 147677 shortage ofrepparttar 147678 time appeared techniques [methods] of work in parallel and in up to four shifts seven days a week. These techniques are expensive, but they guarantee conclusion ofrepparttar 147679 project in minimum period.

Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool

Written by Stephan Szugat

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Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool

A business is only able to grow as fast asrepparttar internal organisation is able to process higher volumes of sales. But how to get an optimal internal organisation? Well, you will need to adapt your internal organisation over and over again. It's a never ending story. However, a Company/Employee Handbook could assist you to achieverepparttar 147487 best internal business organisation.

This brings uprepparttar 147488 question, What has to be included in a Company/Employee Handbook? Everything what has influence to your business operation. First of all, it has to be outlined which areasrepparttar 147489 Company/Employee Handbook will cover. As it has to do with internal operation, here is a list of items you should include:

- Company Background Information (Name-Development, Foundation date and place, History-Milestones, Vision) - Owner and/or Manager Bios/Profiles - Listing of Officers and Board of Directors - Employment Roles (Job Roles, Job Descriptions) - Description ofrepparttar 147490 main products and services (just use your marketing material) - FAQ (about internal subjects only) - Company timeline (What, when, where) - Office procedures (Workflow-Information, Working Procedures) - List of persons to know (Bank Contact, Tax Advisor, Laywer, Main Suppliers, etc.) - Overview of agreements (Rental, Leasing, etc.) - Internal Policies (Dress code, Phone usage and answering, Voice Mail Procedure, Parking, Business Cards, Drug Policy, etc.).

The above list shows which information should be included. The following list shows which departments should be included:

- Distribution - Inventory/Warehouse - Marketing (How Follow-up's are handled, Lead-Generation, etc.) - Customer Support - Research and Development - Accounting - Human Resources - Purchase/Procurement.

The above two lists just show, how complex it could be to setup a Company/Employee Handbook. But it don't have to be complex, just start partial. Only includerepparttar 147491 information which are already available and userepparttar 147492 help of your employees. The benefits of having a Company Handbook are numerous, your employees will save time, it will be easier to improve procedures, becauserepparttar 147493 procedures will be broken down into small sections ofrepparttar 147494 whole procedures. Everything is clearly described, so nobody needs to ask over and over again. In case of holiday or illness of an employee, others could jump intorepparttar 147495 job, because they could be trained faster.

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