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LiveCamNetwork.com Nominated For Best Adult Award

Written by Greg Jones/2muchMedia & Communications

(Toronto) June 30, 2004 -- The self-proclaimed "coolest little adult video chat site onrepparttar web" just got a little hotter: it could be awardedrepparttar 102806 Best Amateurs site duringrepparttar 102807 Best Adult Awards ceremony at this year's Qwebec Expo.

LiveCamNetwork.com is a video chat site that features, unlike many such sites, a roster of its own chat hostesses working from clean, well-lit studios. "We're aiming to make up in quality what we don't offer in quantity," said webmistress Jen. "And we always have fun, sexy girls on. Not thousands, not like those other places, just a dozen of what I thinkrepparttar 102808 awards will justify us in saying arerepparttar 102809 best darned chat hostesses onrepparttar 102810 net."

"That's great, incredible," said Office Gnome,repparttar 102811 site's Studio Manager. "If we win it would do a lot for us in terms of exposure. And what an ego boost!"

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