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Choosing Dinner Party Flowers for your Table Centerpiece Ė

Written by Joanie Williams

Are you planning a dinner party? Do you need to chooserepparttar right flowers for your floral table centerpiece?

Choosingrepparttar 146478 right flowers can be frustrating and expensive Ė or it can be simple and economical. Knowing three key secrets makes it simple for you to chooserepparttar 146479 right flowers. Then you can create a simple but beautiful floral centerpiece.

The key is to have a plan and stick with it.

Have you tried to create a table centerpiece for your dinner party without a plan? Then you know how easy it is to get off track. Read on to see what happened to Sally because she didnít have a plan:

Sally wanted a beautiful table centerpiece. A little behind schedule, she rushed to her local flower store to buy her flowers. The selection was wide,repparttar 146480 flowers looked so lavish andrepparttar 146481 colors just sang. She thought it would be a snap to choose her selection, hurry home and create a stunning, perfect little masterpiece for her dinner table.

But fifteen minutes later she was still wavering betweenrepparttar 146482 beautifully scented hyacinths, some striking pink lilies and repparttar 146483 tall, expensive orchids. Inrepparttar 146484 end she leftrepparttar 146485 store withrepparttar 146486 tall expensive orchids.

Sally got home with flowers that cost her about four times what she had planned to spend. She got home late because it took her so long to decide. And she realized thatrepparttar 146487 orchids she bought just werenít right for her centerpiece, they were far too tall.

So she ended up with no flowers for her centerpiece and had to rush back torepparttar 146488 store.

OK, I confess, I was that Sally Ė and more than once too. But now Iíve learned three key secrets for choosing flowers for my table centerpieces. Now I can add beauty to my dinner parties and subtract frustration and stress from my day.

Here arerepparttar 146489 three key secrets.

1)Less choice means less stress. Eliminate impractical choices. That means you shouldn't choose tall flowers or flowers that are scented for your table centerpiece.

Your flower arrangement should not be more than about 5 inches high. Otherwise your guests have to peer throughrepparttar 146490 floral bushes to see each other acrossrepparttar 146491 table.

So you can eliminate tall flowers unless you can cut them down. Now you wonít be swayed by a beautiful but impractical purchase. Sallyís tall orchids were stunning, but they didnít cut it for a sit-down dinner table arrangement.

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