how to be successful in network marketing

Written by Kathy Joyce

------------------------------ What is network marketing? ------------------------------ Network marketing or MLM shouldn't be confused with pyramid selling.

It is literally marketing products through a network of people. This form of distribution is word of mouth or recommendation.

It's an intellectual form of distribution as unlike retailingrepparttar distributors are often very knowledgeable onrepparttar 122530 products

Large businesses can be built by sponsoring people and teaching them to sponsor. MLM means multi level marketing and refers torepparttar 122531 different levels of compensation provided byrepparttar 122532 company.

Byrepparttar 122533 1990's more than 100 billion dollars worth of products were being distributed through Multi level marketing, and that figure is growing rapidly.

You don't need to sell with MLM. Althoughrepparttar 122534 business depends onrepparttar 122535 distribution ofrepparttar 122536 products, by sponsoring people to buy wholesale and teaching them to sponsor,the products are moving as a direct result.

----------------------------------------------- why network marketing is becoming so popular ------------------------------------------------

It used to be that people got a job, and probably stayed in that company for life working their way up torepparttar 122537 top positions ofrepparttar 122538 company.

Nowdays people feel more insecure in their jobs and worry about being made redundant. With inflation andrepparttar 122539 rising cost of living, pensions don't go very far.

Network marketing provides an opportunity to create a residual income for life. It can be fitted in around a full time job, and requires no qualifications. There's no discrimination against age or sex, and there isrepparttar 122540 potential for financial freedom.

Usually there is a minimal start up fee, and with no need to stock up on goods this makes it a no risk investment. The only real investment is your time and perseverance to make it work.

MLM has enormous potential especially now as withrepparttar 122541 internet you are no longer geographically limited. More and more people are choosing to purchase online.

Products are usually of a high quality as money isn't spent on advertising or packaging. Instead money is put intorepparttar 122542 products themselves.

------------------------------------------------ Secrets to finding success in network marketing ------------------------------------------------ Although you work on your own you don't work alone. You always have your sponsor and upline to call on if you need help.

Before you start any business you must have a plan. Sit down and work out a plan of action on paper. Get your sponsor to help you do this.

Set yourself long term goals. How do you see yourself in 5 years time? Where would you like to live? What car would you like to drive?

6 Key Elements to Leadership

Written by Steve Simard

6 Key Elements to Leadership

You are on your way to build a large organization in your primary network Marketing Company? It is important to establish yourself as a leader. The thing is that most people never got trained to manage people. Leadership is not about knowing everything, it's more about knowing how to distributerepparttar energy of a group.

As your team keeps growing and growing, you'll notice that they have questions and rely on you 100 %. YOU arerepparttar 122529 leader... Are you?

Here are 6 words, 6 elements you need to master if you want to be recognized as a true leader.

1- Trust

As a Group Leader, you've got to establish confidence. Every member of your team must trust you. It is your responsibility to build that confidence towards you and towards every members of your team.

2- Coherence

You've got to walk your talk. What you say is what you do. Coherence between your teaching and your own actions will have a significant effect on your team : it will have a direct influence uponrepparttar 122530 trust of your team members towards you. The less your team trust you,repparttar 122531 less your message will be heard.

3- Competence

No leader can survive incompetence. Knowing how to resource yourself and knowing how to surround yourself are 2 qualities that every leaders possess. Whatrepparttar 122532 leader don't know, he learns it or he makes someone who knows about it to executerepparttar 122533 task.

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