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Written by tamara stevens, BA

The unwritten “reality” of letter writing

You may wonder why I have chosen this title of this post. Well from my experience is that it is really hard to putrepparttar feeling into words about what letter writing means to me. Letter writing is becoming a lost art on many levels. It is fading intorepparttar 116278 background of society. It is still practised by many people. It is those people that I am looking to connect with. I have been told by many people whom have read my posts that they feelrepparttar 116279 same way about letter writing as I do. I want to hear from those people what they feel; I want to hear their words. I think that it is so important that we embracerepparttar 116280 things that we are passionate about. In this case, I want people from all walks of life, all overrepparttar 116281 world. Put a pen to paper that is letter writing; pen pals, snail mail whatever it is you call it and tell your story about what writing and receiving actual physical mail inrepparttar 116282 mail box means to you. For me I loverepparttar 116283 whole process from finding kwel and interesting stationary, note cards, ticklopes (they are so cute) to stickers, to colour full envelopes to tuckins to put inrepparttar 116284 envelopes. For me it is to make others happy to see a letter to them in their box.

Collecting Antique Maps - A Beginner's Guide

Written by Neil Street

California wasn’t always attached torepparttar west coast ofrepparttar 116277 North American continent. It used to be an island. At least, that’s what mapmakers, mostly European, believed for about 100 years, from around 1650 to 1750. So that’s how they drew it on their maps. The “Island of California,” as it is commonly called, is just one ofrepparttar 116278 innumerable collecting niches that are possible inrepparttar 116279 increasingly popular field of antique map collecting.

Antique map collecting is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, which is perhaps one reason why there is such an enormous amount of material, fromrepparttar 116280 affordable torepparttar 116281 prohibitively expensive, in circulation today. Two reasons forrepparttar 116282 popularity of antique map collecting are that antique maps appeal to a broad spectrum of people (for a variety of reasons) and they make very attractive framed pieces that can be enjoyed by many.

The wide range of antique maps available today means that a novice can easily enterrepparttar 116283 field, although hopefully armed with a little caution and common sense. The best place to begin is with some reading. Two excellent books forrepparttar 116284 beginning collector are Collecting Old Maps by Francis J. Manasek, and Collecting Antique Maps: An Introduction torepparttar 116285 History of Cartography, by Jonathan Potter. Both are available by visiting VintageMaps.Com at

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