ghost worlds

Written by mark rabusseau

Hello, My name is Mark Rabusseau. I am also known as "Markrepparttar Printer." My wife, Mary Lou and I have been hunting ghost for about 2 years now. It all started when we took a tour of haunted houses ofrepparttar 122402 north side of Pittsburgh. It was notrepparttar 122403 kind of houses where someone jumped out to scare you. It was a narrated tour, where you stood in front ofrepparttar 122404 house, a brief history ofrepparttar 122405 house was given, along with what super natural occurrences have been experienced. We never enteredrepparttar 122406 premises. That is until we came torepparttar 122407 last house. The house was owned by Mr. DeSantis which he beautifully restored to its original Victorian Splendor. While everyone was dispersed onrepparttar 122408 first floor, I was drawn torepparttar 122409 stair case. While I was looking uprepparttar 122410 steps, I saw a grayish mist travel acrossrepparttar 122411 top ofrepparttar 122412 steps and through a closed door. I didn't tell my wife because she didn't believe in ghosts and would probably rib me for what I saw. After 2 hours I could not contain myself, and I had to tell her. She said that's funny, because she sawrepparttar 122413 same thing but from a different angle. She said she did not want to tell me because of allrepparttar 122414 years of saying ghost don't exists, she finally saw one. The next day we went back to Mr. DeSantis' house. Without embellishing he ask us exactly what did we see. After telling him, he said that he never told anyone onrepparttar 122415 tour aboutrepparttar 122416 ghost atrepparttar 122417 top ofrepparttar 122418 steps. He said he had never seen it but guest in his home have reported to him thatrepparttar 122419 ghost has been seen leavingrepparttar 122420 closed door and going uprepparttar 122421 stairs.

Soul Provider

Written by Joseph Ghabi

Soul Provider I hadrepparttar intention of writing about Soul Mates but it occurred to me to write more about a Soul on its own beforehand. I believe we need to address what we mean by a Soul before we get into anything else.

A Soul is a Divine entity that keeps moving from body to body for centuries increasing its personal growth and enlightenment by understanding different human issues that are important to that Soul. From learning about religions, ethnics, skin color, labeling, prejudice, hate, anger, betrayal, love, kindness, helping others, etc… A Soul keeps coming back torepparttar 122401 same situation until it acquires allrepparttar 122402 necessary understanding required for it to move to a higher level of awareness and closer to its perfection. I’ve asked that question to my guides before. How does a Soul enter a body? What comes first? This has always fascinated me. Isrepparttar 122403 Soul inrepparttar 122404 womb ofrepparttar 122405 mother during pregnancy or after? According to my guides, two Souls cannot be in one body atrepparttar 122406 same time, otherwise it is againstrepparttar 122407 free will ofrepparttar 122408 mother. The new body inrepparttar 122409 womb is still under work or construction and is nourished throughrepparttar 122410 body ofrepparttar 122411 mother. It has been built with allrepparttar 122412 genetic effects ofrepparttar 122413 parents. The body is still an empty shell being prepared forrepparttar 122414 new Soul to be born. The way that Soul enters into that body is atrepparttar 122415 moment of delivery. The head always comes out first; onrepparttar 122416 top ofrepparttar 122417 head you haverepparttar 122418 Crown Chakra that will be opened for that Soul to enter his or her Temple. It will take a split second before a cry comes out from that new born. When that Soul leaves this plane to get back into Spirit it will leave fromrepparttar 122419 Root or Base Chakra atrepparttar 122420 base ofrepparttar 122421 spine.

I thought about it for a while and had to analyze it too. That makes it more interesting to me and finallyrepparttar 122422 process did make lots of sense to me. Here I am not trying to force my belief on you. You can believe in whatever you feel is truth for that matter, which may also be possible?

The higherrepparttar 122423 Soul becomes,repparttar 122424 wiser it becomes. Such as, to be more open minded to different religions, ethnic groups, or skin colors, without any judgment, without any hate, without any prejudice. An old Soul does not judge another Soul because they drink, or use drugs, or even why they would be begging onrepparttar 122425 street. It is when we are ignorant in our understanding that we label people forrepparttar 122426 way they are. We are thinking we are better off than them, but in reality we are not. Just think about it! Instead of facing it and seeing why such a Soul is using drugs, or getting drunk, or whatever happen to that Soul that made him/ her to change course in their life we judge without havingrepparttar 122427 facts. This is what will determine or distinguish an old Soul from a younger Soul. It is that wisdom and understanding of a higher outlook to life that allows you to seerepparttar 122428 bigger picture rather than looking at it from a smaller point of view or with a narrow mind.

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