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Zen Mind: A Personal View

Written by Clive Taylor

Zen mind isrepparttar “Natural” state of our beings: No self, no identity, no memes, no beliefs.

Any idea of “what is” takes us away from what is – to be inrepparttar 126958 moment, all ideas need to be gone. There’s not even an “I” to haverepparttar 126959 ideas.

The natural being acts as an outcome ofrepparttar 126960 movement ofrepparttar 126961 universe, inrepparttar 126962 same way that an artist’s brush is moved by its “universe”.

All “teachings”, “spiritual” paths or “sacred” practices actually take us away fromrepparttar 126963 moment, because it needs an “I” to do them, with an agenda of some kind, something to gain. All of which removes us fromrepparttar 126964 eternal identity-free moment.

The only way that “what is” can be experienced is to lose all traces of self, in which caserepparttar 126965 “what is” can’t be experienced because there is no one there to experience it.

Any description ofrepparttar 126966 state ofrepparttar 126967 natural mind is false – it cannot be described and anyone who says they can is deluding themselves and/or you – to be described, there still has to be an identity there to describe it and if there is, that state can’t be real.

There is not even an “ultimate” state to gain, becauserepparttar 126968 very idea that there is, takes us away from it.

All there is, isrepparttar 126969 operation ofrepparttar 126970 universe in its all-ness. There’s no such thing as “enlightened” or “unenlightened”. These are just ideas of what is.

Even “bliss” or “transcendence” is a state of mind that needs an “I” to experience those feelings.

Thoughts arerepparttar 126971 glue of our belief structures. “I” isrepparttar 126972 creation of thoughts and beliefs.

What’s operating when we think we are functioning human beings isrepparttar 126973 operating system ofrepparttar 126974 species brain, running sophisticated meme/belief structures that arerepparttar 126975 content of our identities/sense of self.

The only act consciousness can “do” is to let go of “self” awareness. Consciousness, to be fully there, needs to have no “I” attached to it - and then, who is there to be conscious?

The natural state is where everything is meaningful and meaningless – everything is part ofrepparttar 126976 whole and no link inrepparttar 126977 chain can be more essential than another.

Action and thought, from this place, is an instantaneous, pure response torepparttar 126978 call ofrepparttar 126979 moment. It isrepparttar 126980 moment,repparttar 126981 universe acting, notrepparttar 126982 person.

True peace is an absence of agitation, an absence of self-generated internal activity. So peace cannot be “done”, or created – it’s an absence of doing. This allows unadulterated “what is-ness” to be. All action out of this state is completely harmonious (even if there was anyone “there” to experiencerepparttar 126983 harmony – there isn’t) and non-conflicting. There is nothing there to conflict with anything else.

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