eMail Follow Up System in 3 Easy Steps!

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

The most important asset a eBusiness owner has is... A LIST

Actuallyrepparttar more lists you haverepparttar 144115 better off you are. BUTrepparttar 144116 key isn't just having several general lists, you want to have as many targeted lists as you can.

What do I mean by that??

Well, ummm for all you health and nutritional product people out there your targeted lists could be based around each ofrepparttar 144117 specific products you offer. Those in themselves make up a "list."

If you are selling information products, thenrepparttar 144118 theme or topic of each of your books/courses can make a sub or targeted list.

Don't look at your products/services as a group, break them down (if you can) and think of them in terms of a targeted group of people (or list). For each group you will send outrepparttar 144119 initial information request and then your follow up will involve specific information catering to that group.

That follow up is pretty straightforward. I mean if you have a product that is based to help migraine suffers then you wouldn't later send a mailing to that list about a new product that deals with asthma...they don't relate or tie in. You keep sending that list information relating to suffering from migraines.

There is one other list that you could be building and that is one that involves a one-time request for information. For example; if you decided to create a list of 50 eZines Directories, a person hits your autoresponder once to get that list. Or how aboutrepparttar 144120 second part of your two-part article - again a person that hits your autoresponder is after that one-time request.

How on earth do you follow up with these people, when they didn't subscribe to receive regular mailings?

That is what we are going to go over today. A 3-step follow up system which will turn these one-time requests into yet another viable list for you ;o)

So, let's get at it ;o)

Step 1 - First or Initial Contact

This isrepparttar 144121 information that you are firing out after they have hit your autoresponder.

You have two ways you can go here. You can either: letrepparttar 144122 person that you are going to send them future information that is RELATED torepparttar 144123 information they have requested here. Or, you don't say a thing at all.

Best course of action is to tell them totally open and honest fromrepparttar 144124 get go. Remember people do business with people they know, like and trust and if you aren't've lost them.

Having said that, you still need to give them a chance to opt-out of receiving more is a sample to give you something to look at and use.

SAMPLE... Hi ~~NAME~~ (remember personalize)

Just wanted to send you outrepparttar 144125 information you requested aboutrepparttar 144126 55 no cost marketing resources. I have listed them all below and I hope you find them useful.

In a few days I'll be sending you over a special article that I wrote "The Key to No Cost Marketing." Look for that to come in about three days.

I've spent a lot of time researching marketing tactics and looking for good solid resources that work. I'll be glad to share this information with you, if you want me to.

If you don't want to receive these additional strategies and resources then you can clickrepparttar 144127 REMOVE ME link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Look forward to sharing this information with you, take care and good luck with your eBusiness.

Sincerely, Denise Ryder

So what we have here is your prospect receivingrepparttar 144128 initial information that they requested AND we have let them know that there is more to come and if they don't want to receive it then, they can of course, opt out.

Most will stay because you have given them a good reason to (remember it'srepparttar 144129 WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME), a preview of what's to come.

Affiliate Programs and How To Build An eBusiness

Written by Denise Ryder

Two weeks ago, Mariangie Gonzalez sent in a question

"How do you market your Network Marketing business so yours it's perceived as different fromrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 144114 reps out there?"

In answer to her questionrepparttar 144115 way to be perceived as different was to set up an incentive package that was related torepparttar 144116 general theme of your affiliate or mlm progam. If you missed out on that disucssion there is a huge blog entry about that at

What I want to do here is back up a bit...a sort of regrouping you might say and go over what to look for in affiliate programs. Affiliate programs arerepparttar 144117 easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way for ANYONE, regardless of experience to earn money. What I want to do is provide you with some insight as to what to look for in a program.

Before we dive in and talk about affiliate programs I do want to say something about starting a business regardless of whether it is on or off-line. You NEED to possess passion for what it is you are doing. If you jump into something forrepparttar 144118 sake of making money you are going to end up resenting it. Starting a business takes a lot of time and energy. If you are involved in something that you are passionate about and believe in then those hours don't seem so daunting. If you are in something just to make a buck...those hours are going to seem very over-whelming torepparttar 144119 point where you hate what you are doing and will soon resentrepparttar 144120 business you are in.

So...with that said, if you want to start something online then look at what you are passionate about and what will juice you. From there do your research and find affiliate programs that align themselves to what you want to do.

Ok, let's look at affiliate programs ;o)

The BIG QUESTION...can you make money on-line through affiliate programs?


It is totally possible to make money on-line, there are all kinds of articles and stories about people who have been successful in making money through affiliate progarms.

It has nothing to do with getting in onrepparttar 144121 ground floor in a particular program. It has nothing to do with having loads of money to market your program. Yup, you are going to have to have a marketing budget, that is justrepparttar 144122 cost of doing business. What it boils down to is looking for programs that:

1. provide products/services that are in demand

2. provide a recurring commission structure

3. promoting more than one program

4. having your own web site

So..let's look at each one of these and it will give you an idea as to why these four traits are important to your ebusiness.

1. Products/Services that are in demand. This is pretty obvious. If you don't have a market for your products/services then you aren't going to make any money. If you want to know if there is a market forrepparttar 144123 products/services you want to sell then do your research. Look at site's like They have a great advertisers area that provides you with a search criteria tool. All you have to do is enterrepparttar 144124 keyword that isrepparttar 144125 general them of your business and it will pop up a list of words that people have used as search criteria, this will give you an idea not only of a demand, BUT it will also give you an idea as to what search terms people use for that general theme.

Another thing is to look atrepparttar 144126 trends that are happening around us. Immediately what pops into my head isrepparttar 144127 fact that we are getting older and are more health conscious. The health and nutrition industry is huge and it is also a trend.

Have you every heard of The Popcorn Report? It was a book written that talks aboutrepparttar 144128 trends and where they are heading. One ofrepparttar 144129 things Faith mentioned wasrepparttar 144130 health and nutrition industry and cottage industry (home based business) was going to boom.

2. Commission Structure is key. Ummm, let me give you an example to hit this home because it truly is important.

You are promoting a hot product from one ofrepparttar 144131 top marketers that sells for $29.95. You will earn a commission onrepparttar 144132 sale of this product of 50% (let's say it works out to about $14.00 so I don't have to strain over math here). It's a one-time sale which means after that sale is made you are having to go out and find others to buy. You are always having to work your butt off to get a "sale" for that product. is another example.

You are promoting an affiliate program that pays monthly, something like ProfitsVaultMonthly, then this is what happens. PVM is $29.95 per month and you earn money:

1. $20.00 PER MONTH per referral 2. You keep every penny you earn from sellingrepparttar 144133 products

Withrepparttar 144134 $29.95 product you are earning $14.00 for all your marketing efforts in getting that sale. That's a one time commission, makerepparttar 144135 sale and scream "next" to find yet another buyer.

With a program that pays MONTHLY, you are earning $20 per month for that same customer, next month you earn another $20 and so on. Get two join your affiliate program and you're covering your own cost plus making a bit of a profit.

Bottom-line go for those programs within your industry that pay you a monthly residual commission. That way you are earning money fromrepparttar 144136 SAME customer base. If you are going to spend hard earned money marketing your program then you want to make sure that you are getting paid off those efforts EVERY MONTH...not just a one time deal.

3. Promote more than one program. If you are promoting just one program and no one buys from you then you aren't making any money...pretty straight forward right?? But, if you promote a few different programs that relate torepparttar 144137 over- all theme of your business then you stand a better chance of making a sale. Let me give you an example:

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